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Thursday LCG Night at Dark Sphere
Thursday night is LCG Night at Dark Sphere. Netrunner is by far the largest draw for LCG Night but you can expect to find Warhammer 40,000: Conquest; Doomtown Reloaded; A Game of Thrones and Star Wars: The Card Game all making fairly regular showings. If you're into more than LCGs/ECGs than just Netrunner you're more than welcome to bring decks for those along as well. You may not find a game as easily as you will with Netrunner but ask around on the LCG tables and there's a good chance someone else will have decks for the game with them or will at least be happy to bring them next time. Dark Sphere charges a £1 fee per person for seating. This covers you for the whole evening. Dark Sphere does allow food and drink in the gaming area but please do be respectful of other players as it can get a little cramped. Full rules and guidelines here. ( The front of the play area is set up with large tables for Warhammer; 40K; X-Wing etc while the back rows are for card games. Most of the card tables will be populated by MTG players but we generally take the whole of the first row of card tables and sometimes a bit of the next row. As with Tuesday nights this event is always more highly attended than the RVSPs would indicate. Even if the list says 0 there will always be people coming in. And finally please do remember to support the venue Dark Sphere does charge a small cover fee for playing there but their bread and butter is selling games. When you can please remember to get your Data Packs, sleeves, deck boxes etc from Dark Sphere.

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A group to facilitate playing Android: Netrunner in London. This meetup currently functions primarily to advertise the two main days a week when a large group of people get together and play Netrunner. There is always a much larger presence than the RSVPs would indicate so please don't be put off by low numbers.

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