• Data Analysis Workshop - Sports themed!

    LocalGlobe LLP

    About this event In a collaborative workshop setting we'll work through real data analysis examples, from data cleaning to modelling. You can work at your own pace, or just focus on the topics you care about. Our team will be nearby to help if you get stuck. This is a great way to meet fellow data enthusiasts, pick up a few new tricks, and learn something about this month's topic: Sports ⚽🏀🎾! Description In this session we will go through the Python Jupyter notebooks used to create the data for our March Hackathon (https://www.meetup.com/London-Open-Data-Hackathons/events/259327580/). Audience While the examples will be in Python, you're welcome to work with any other coding language. The session is designed to let you work at your own pace, so whether you're brand new to coding, or you've got the basics mastered there's something for you. We expect everyone in attendance to have at least some knowledge of coding already. We ask that you bring your laptop and charger with you. The examples will be in Python 3, but we will be hosting an environment for you. This means there's no pre-work required unless you prefer to run the examples locally. The Host This is a relaxed, informal event where we hope to work together to discover something new. The event will be hosted at LocalGlobe, Phoenix Court, 2 Brill Place, NW1 1DX, next to King's Cross/St Pancras. * PLEASE NOTE: this is a different venue to previous Open Data Hackathons events you may have attended*

  • Open Data Hackathon: Music edition!


    This month's topic: Music! 🎧🎸🎤 Which artist has spent the most days at number two in the charts without ever reaching the top spot? Come along to find out the answer to this and more! About this Event This is an event for anyone who wants to put their analysis skills to the test, or is looking to learn from others. Description We’re a group of data enthusiasts who love to dive a bit deeper into how the world works. In a hackathon-like setting, we work in teams (or individually) to to extract the most interesting and significant insights about a specific theme. At the end you and your team will have a chance to compete for the night's best analysis! Audience If you’re passionate about open data or just want to hone your data analysis and visualisation skills please come join us! You are encouraged to perform your analysis in any tool or language, but we ask that you have enough familiarity with your approach that you or your team are able to work largely independently. (If you are looking for an event which provides more guidance, check out one of our workshops!) The Host This is a relaxed, informal event where we hope to work together to discover something new. We are being hosted by Count (www.count.co) who will be providing food and drink throughout the evening to keep us going.