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Hello dear Readers and participants on the meetup!
We are here to create harmonious relationships, study ancient traditions, provide consultation and exchange knowledge, participate and learn , grow and awaken!
This team is grown of people's thirst to educate themselves about how it is to live better and share your passion in life together with your true expertise or knowledge with others!
All levels of personal development are welcomed!
We are part of the international school of personal Development and spirituality growth WOW (World of Wisdom & Spiritual Adventure) and we are waiting for you with Love!
Give us a chance ... we are just starting here!
be well and Happy!
The WOW Team - London

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WOW Academy - retreat I - 2019/20


WOW ACADEMY RETREAT I – 2019/20 COME IN A 5 DAYS INTENSIVE CAMP FOR AWAKENING YOUR SOUL & REALIGNING WITH YOUR LIFE'S DESTINY! Welcome to Our FIRST & NEW Retreat of the WOW ACADEMY Year of 2019/20! Have You ever wondered if there is a path in your life that can lead you deep into realization and give you the means to awaken and truly evolve? - Not Empty Promises and Hopes... ...So here we are :) Enter in the world of Self knowledge! Become aware of the obstacles that stop you from BEING and ACTING as YOU - in your carrier, personal life, psychologically and even in your own body! Blockages that stand in the way of healing and peace. Blockages that you may know you have but cannot really assess and overcome! We will access together simple solutions that you can apply by yourself in your life whenever you want. The Purpose is: 1. To become more healthy 2. To become able to express yourself and build harmonious relationships 3. To access your personal power so that you can built the life that you want (in Your Carrier & Personal Life) 4. To learn and Understand the laws of Manifestation so that you can manifest your true wishes – So you can become the “Magician” of your own life! 5. To realize the True “I” – This timeless and eternal part of you that knows and understands All and above everything else can lead you to your true destination in Life! Become familiar with ancient and modern spiritual & Personal Development techniques & Teachings next to Alexander Northern Deer, shaman/spiritual master with over 20 years of experience and the Instructors of WOW (Alice, Elena, Maya, Gloria) This Retreat will “Blow up” your inner obstacles and complexes and also Blow up your mind! We are waiting for you with Love! ________________________________________________ In the WOW ACADEMY RETREAT, You will learn:  How to recognize your current position or state in life  How To Feel Your energy in your body  How to communicate with the others – Laws of Communication in order to maintain your Personal Power  How to become able to manifest a profession or job that can lead you away from mechanicalness and close to your true Vocation or Calling  How to build the road that can lead you to another place, the PLACE where YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE!  How to see your Future & your Destination in Life!  “The 5 More Important Lessons that I have learned in my journey that helped me to reach where I am today in my life” – a lesson By Northern Deer Alexander  What is Motivation & Why you need it?  What are the real inner enemies that hold us back from transforming ourselves  Shamanic Knowledge unveiled – How to understand & start learning this ancient path in a modern way  How to see your Spiritual Evolution and incorporate it in your life style AND MANY OTHER VERY IMPORTANT TOPICS – BRING WITH YOU YOUR LIFE’S QUESTIONS AND THEY WILL BE ANSWERED IN THESE 5 DAYS OF TRANSFORMATION, AWAKENING, LOVE AND EMPOWERMENT _____________________________________________________ For everything else you need know visit our event here: https://theworldofwisdom.com/event/wow-academy-retreat-i-2019-2020/ We are the WORLD OF WISDOM & SPIRITUAL ADVENTURE visit our website: WWW.THEWORLDOFWISDOM.COM

Hot-Air Ballooning Cappadocia – Turkey

Cappadocia Turkey

UP IN THE SKY & DEEP INSIDE THE EARTH – 5 DAYS THAT WILL TRULY MAKE YOUR LIFE TO START ANEW! Photo Credit: Steve Camplin A Trip You DON'T want to miss! The warm summer days are behind us, and autumn is here! NOW is the time for a fresh start, for inspiration and new creative projects, it is time for a change. The Travel Capsule Express is ringing its bell and this time is calling for YOU to transport you to the mystical East, in Cappadocia, Turkey. Ah Cappadocia...the land of beautiful horses, its sacred meaning, a place truly like no other, magical landscape, luxury carpets, mystical underground cities, flying in the air with a hot-air balloon, exotic dances, deepening in silence with Sufism and dervish ceremonies. You will feel again like a child in a fairy-tale in the charming East…. We are going to Cappadocia this November 7-11, bringing the magic and the mystery back into our lives. Let's travel to relax, to feel again like children carefree and ready for a beautiful adventure, to connect between us, with nature and with this fascinating culture of the East. Did you know that Sufism base itself in Shamanism, which was alive in the ancient times? Under the lead and guidance of Alexander Northern Deer, we will endeavor to rediscover our pure, innocent selves. We will get rid of the layers of conditioning and fake personas and the roles we pick up along the way. Northern Deer has been guiding hundreds of people for the last 20 years. Meeting him, you will immediately sense the air of peace, calmness, strength, and innocence he emanates. Below a message for all of you from Alexander Northern Deer. https://www.facebook.com/SchoolofWisdom/videos/2353098668340035/UzpfSTEwMDAwNjU0NTA4Nzc1MToyNTI5ODA1MjUzOTE0Mjg2/ We designed this trip as a short escapade for all those who can't take off from their responsibilities or their families for a long time. Get the chance to give this present to yourself of total relaxation and being carefree. We have handpicked all the activities for this purpose. With the spiritual seminar and guidance from Northern Deer, all participants will have the possibility for one to one meeting with Alexander. The competitive price of this trip makes it an excellent and safe opportunity for everyone, either you come alone, or come with your family. We will assist you all along to have the most amazing and relaxing experience, also regarding the travel preparations. If you do not want to, you do not need to travel alone; we are here to make everything stress-free for you. In the link below a short video from our last year’s trip there: https://www.youtube.com/embed/_V-hsynbVMo In all our trips, activities, retreats, and seminars, we are not just participants; we have the opportunity to become friends and family! Come with an open heart for truly connecting and surrender yourself to the unknown and this adventure of life. Below you can find testimonials of other participants that came with us to Cappadocia and other places around the world! https://thetravelcapsule.com/testimonials/ Details for the trip: https://theworldofwisdom.com/event/hot-air-ballooning-cappadocia-turkey-2/?fbclid=IwAR2UGy5EEXi_zIzG2m4kUl6t7ogpN03ofcetZjAthES9OzQdWak64cex_WU We are waiting for you with love! Artemi from the Travel Capsule Project & WOW Academy

How To Upgrade Your Life To The Next Level

The Academy Mews Studios

This opportunity is for you and for your soul! Come and meet Northern Deer Alexander, a shaman, a spiritual teacher, and a healer. He has dedicated his life to help and support people in their evolution path. And now is coming in London for you and your questions! We are excited to invite you all to this half day seminar, that will help you to gain more confidence, stability and sense of propose in life in order for you to rich the next level in your life. Join us in this transformational event and be ready for the magic of our school’s ancient spiritual art ! *** Click the link below for the event details! Looking forward to see you there! https://www.smore.com/bxw60

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DDM - Dynamic Dance Meditation

The Academy Mews Studios

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