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Pet A Puppy has moved!

To new and current members-

We would love every member of Pet A Puppy, that fits into our new meet up category to join!

This meet up group is inactive but it remains due to great memories and simply because we can't stand to see it to go. However, if you fit the category of our new meet up, that also involves dogs then please do join! at: http://meetu.ps/c/3SvxK/yL08w/f

A little bit about it - If you're a single dog lover, single dog owner, or a sociable friendly dog, living in London then you should join us! Right now! As a single dog owner, joining gives you the opportunity to expand yours, or your dogs social circle, find love or just make new likeminded friends and have fun. As a single dog lover, joining us gives you the opportunity to find love and/or friendship with like-minded dog owners. So if by any reason you love dogs but are unable to own your own, by joining you could potentially find both, a human and doggy companion, even if it’s in the form of friendship, rather than a partnership.


Living and working in major cities like London can be exciting and full of opportunities, but at times, it can be lonely and a tense place to be. Here at Pet A Puppy we organise meet up events that allow you to come along and play with a little fluffy bundle of joy. Meet up with other dog lovers and our puppies, surrounded by like minded people, while you pet the stresses and strains of the day away.

Studies show that interaction with dogs helps to increase oxytocin levels, which in turn reduces stress. These studies reveal so much truth that puppies are trained to aid physical and mental illness and disabilities, saving and changing lives forever. College/university student unions have caught wind of the benefits that playing with a fluffy puppy can bring. They have held a number of events nationwide where their students can socialise and play with some puppies, to either help them de-stress during the exam period or raise awareness for mental health and animal related charities.

However, as we can’t stay students forever, and the stresses and strains of everyday life seem to follow us from time to time, a place outside the confines of a union is what we provide. We enable the general dog loving public to benefit from the outer worldly powers of a puppy and small dogs at our pop-up events. Our pop up events also go a little further and include talks from dog and/or mental health related charity from time to time. So if you're thinking about getting in that line of work, have a assignment related to an upcoming talk, then thats just another incentive for you to come along to our very unique meet up. You MUST be a dog lover to attend our events! I think that goes without saying.

Although you will be supplied with puppy pads, and our puppies and small dogs will be under the care and supervision of their owners, it is still imperative that all customers are confident around small energetic puppies and small dogs. You must be able to understand that you may receive small nips, scratches or damage to your clothes, as we cannot be held responsible, if this were to occur.

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