What we're about

Calling all professional, busy, ambitious women who suspect (or know!) that regular meditation would do wonders for their stress levels, confidence and happiness, but who never manage to stick to it long-term, or haven't yet found a way to meditate that really and truly works for you!

Stop sitting there wondering if you're "doing it right", and start actually seeing results in your life! :)

Would you like to know how to achieve the following, in just 10 mindful minutes a day?

- More confidence, less stress
- Feeling happier in your own skin
- Liking what you see in the mirror
- Beating procrastination and "busyness" and see better results at work
- Clarity and direction in your life
- Enjoying the moment more
- Belief in yourself and self-trust, no matter what comes your way
- More communicative relationships
- Sleeping better... and so much more :)

Enter my totally free Meetup: a relaxed meditation workshop all about how to get the most out of your meditation (or start a totally new practice, if that's what you need!) and stick it to regularly to get real results in your life.

Whether you just want to stick to your meditation habit, learn some new techniques, meet other people who love meditation, or find out how to use meditation to get genuine, real-world results in your life, then you're in the right place!

This is a totally free workshop with me, a young and modern meditation teacher and certified life coach, with training in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) from the University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre.

As well as a relaxed and informal guided meditation session focusing on key, effective mindfulness and MBCT techniques, there will also be a chance to ask questions, get 1-to-1 answers and insight into your current meditation practice, and a chance to learn exactly what to do to deepen, develop, and improve your meditation so you can stop sitting there wondering if you're doing it right, and start actually seeing results in your life!

I also specialise in personalised mindfulness meditation (tracks and techniques designed bespoke for your issues and what you want in life!) so there will be chance to learn more about how tailored meditation works for you too!

We can also pop around the corner of my meditation studio to a nearby tapas bar for some relaxed drinks and a chat afterwards too, to continue the conversation and chat with awesome like-minded people as well (who said meditation = boring?!)

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