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We face mass automation, the past four years are the hottest on record, income inequality is near all time highs, power is densely concentrated in the 1%, close communities are a rarity, the family unit has broken down, mental health issues are rocketing and fascism is growing across the world, and all the while our politicians are stuck dealing with Brexit which helps none of these things.

.....Hi! I'm setting up this group for people who, like me, want to engage in politics, discuss and develop real solutions to problems I've mentioned, and meet people like them who want the same. But, also like me, are a bit lost. No political party is really fighting for what they care about, and most people seem apathetic outside of Brexit.

The label is purposeful as I wanted it to be about solutions... progress, rather than for any particular political tribe or ideology. Solutions focused to keep the discussions constructive and to avoid emotional arguments, with particular emphasis on understanding each others' views. So whether you're a Nick Boles-esque "progressive conservative" or a Sanders democratic socialist or maybe you're a libertarian, so long as you are willing to persuade and be persuaded, you're welcome!

Speak soon!

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London Progressives - 1st Meetup

Penderel's Oak, JD Wetherspoon

Discuss political views, current events, political philosophy, solutions

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