Leveraging our Project Data Analytics Community of 2000 members: Where next?

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By Jan 2019 we will have a community of nearly 2000 members and it will be just over 12 months since we held our first event. On 9 Jan we will be running an interactive workshop to discuss how we leverage our community for the collective benefit of our members and society.

The UK has a pipeline of £600bn of infrastructure projects over the next 10 years. Over $100 trillion will be invested globally in the same period.

Yet projects struggle to leverage the experience and insights from past projects. Who is leveraging the insights contained within the data from the £15bn Crossrail project? How does HS2 leverage data from Crossrail, Network Rail, TFL and its supply chain to improve certainty in delivery and drive down cost? After all, aren't they all doing very similar things?

The same applies to buildings, roads, IT projects, business change projects, defence projects. oil and gas. The opportunities are almost infinite. Don't we all have a professional responsibility to engage in this?

What action can our community begin to take to influence this?
- How do we develop a community with industry leaders? What do we want to achieve? How do we do it? How do we leverage our collective network?

- How do we work with government? Project X, National Infrastructure Commission, Infrastructure Projects Authority. How do we align our community, hackathons and other work to help to deliver improvements?

- How do we convince organisations to pool and share data for the benefit of all? What are the stepping stones to achieve this?

- What capabilities and outputs from data science would convince key players that this is something that they must engage with? What is the art of the possible? How do we develop the arguments to facilitate the change?

- How do we upskill and connect people to create a critical mass of expertise to deliver this change?

What action do we need to take to make this happen? No-one else is doing it. By working alone we can nudge it, by working together we can transform it. Be part of something transformational and please join the event.

Arrive prepared with some great ideas, vision and a passion to make a difference. The future of how projects are delivered is about to change forever.