Double bill: From collaboration to extreme collaboration (XC) and Data Trusts


Construction undergoes a massive transformation through the influence of digital economy on all its aspects. In our technology-laden projects world, various opportunities arise from novel ways to capture, clean, analyse and visualise a wealth of data, previously not tamed. Digital technologies and the pervasiveness of data create new challenges in project work. At the same time, digital transformation is not constant because digital technologies continuously evolve and become more integrated. To this end, to collaborate using this wealth of data and digital technologies, work practices do not simply become transform. The concept of extreme collaboration (XC), coming from NASA’s war rooms, is helping us understand how people behave, communicate, work together, and maintain relationships, crossing professional, inter-personal, hierarchical, organisational and geographic boundaries to collectively deliver project success. As the interfaces between digital technologies, projects, data and individuals become obscure, managing them is critical for success. How can we lead these new project teams and develop our people to leverage project data analytics and excel in digital economy?

Dr Eleni Papadonikolaki is an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Management at the University College London (UCL), Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management and a management consultant on digital transformation. Bringing practical experience from working as an architect engineer and design manager on a number of complex projects in Europe and the Middle East, she is researching and helping teams manage the interfaces between digital engineering and management. She is course leader of the new MSc in Digital Engineering Management at UCL.

Organisations typically treat the data that emerges from a project as a by-product with no intrinsic value. Imagine a world where we are able to securely pool this data for the benefit of the collective and use the data to predict when things are likely to go wrong. It’s a bold ambition, but it is becoming a reality. Martin Paver and Gareth Parkes will share their vision for a data trust, their progress on mobilising a data trust in construction and provide insights into how it could transform industries.

Martin Paver is a Registered Project Professional, FAPM and Chartered Engineer. In Dec 2017 he established the London Project Data Analytics meetup, which since spread across the UK to a community of 4,500 members. He also set up Project:Hack, a community hackathon for advanced project data analytics. Martin has had a range of experience including leading a $billion project with a team of 220 and a multibillion PMO with a team of 50. He has a detailed grasp of project management and combines this with a broad understanding of recent developments in the field of data science. He is on a mission to ensure that the project management profession readies itself for a transformed future.