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Monthly Punjabi Gap Shap (chit-chat) @ TinselTown Farringdon
Punjabi boliye - angrezzi te sareyyano ahndhi eh. Meet at Tinseltown Farringdon for 6.00pm for one of their legendary milkshakes - from there we will stay for dinner or maybe move on to somewhere else for food. Stay for 10 minutes or 2 hours. The main aim of this meetup is to provide a forum where people can speak to each other in Punjabi and meet other Punjabi people. So there is no age restriction - you can be 6 or 96! It is also for newcomers to the Punjabi language and culture. Perhaps you are learning Punjabi? Or want to know more about the culture. Then please come along - you don't have to be a punjabi or Indian or Pakistani to attend out meetups! We are a very friendly open group and welcome everyone regardless of faith, background, ethnicity. Looking forward to having some Punjabi gap shap (conversation) with you.


44 St John St, Islington, UK EC1M 4 · London

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Welcome jee! Kee haal-chaal eh?

This is a meetup for all people who are interested in Punjabi culture - you don't have to be a Punjabi! ALL are welcome! So if you are interested in learning Punjabi or discovering more about the food, culture and fashion - we would love for you to join!

A meetup for all Punjabis! - Indian and Pakistani punjabis - Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian Punjabis (of all castes and no caste) - and those Punjabi's of other religions, faiths and backgrounds.

We meet regularly and try to speak in Punjabi, explore the culture of Punjab as well as the foods, traditions, dance, music, clothing. We will organise music and dance evenings celebrating the music, poetry and verse, style and culture of the beautiful Punjab!

Punjab - the land of Five Rivers (Panj (5) Aab (Rivers)). From Chandigarh in the east, through to Ludhiana, Amritsar and Lahore, then west to Nankana Sahib, Faisalabad, Jhang, and Layyah, down to Rahim Yaar Khan in the south - all this is the Punjab.

Being a Punjabi is about Bulleh Shah, Baba Farid, Guru Nanak Dev, Harbans Balla. Amazing food, agriculture, fertile land, tube-wells, endless fields of wheat and sugar-cane, cotton and chillies, mangoes and berries, different fruits every month of the year. Honey from acacia trees, tractors ploughing the field - or old style bullocks and plough.

Punjab is the also the land of Heer-Ranjah, Mirza Sahibah and Sohni-Mahiwal; proud traditions, Kabbadi, wandering mystics and endless Qawwalis deep into the starlit nights. Its also about masjids, mandirs and gurdwaras. Its also about pungra (bhangra) - the music and the dance and indeed other folk dances from the Punjab.

The land of five rivers and a million billion dreams. Punjab!

Koi reece nahin Punjabian dhi!

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