Quantum Finance - The Road To Business Applications


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Leading global banks like UBS, JP Morgan, Barclays, Mitsubishi UFJ, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia are investing or exploring applications in QC (Quantum Computing). While applying the technology to financial services applications is in its infancy, and the potential scalability and usability are yet to be demonstrated, the tools and resources are now available to develop algorithms that may significantly impact the way institutions are dealing with financial assets, businesses and risks.

Francis Lacan, Financial Risk Management solutions executive at IBM and Marco Paini, Program Manager and Quantum Applications Lead at QxBranch, will assess the current maturity of ‘Quantum Finance’ and describe the most likely paths for its development. They will base their analysis on recent work performed by their respective companies and share with the audience some details of actual experiments and areas of investigation.

As an expert in quantitative and computational finance, Francis Lacan will highlight some of the domains where QC is well positioned to revolutionise existing business practices and significantly push the functional and technical boundaries of financial applications. Through selected examples, he will outline not only the exciting possibilities that QC is offering, but also the multiple difficulties that will have to be overcome to deliver business value and practical applications.

Marco Paini will start from the general challenges in designing and developing financial quantum applications and will illustrate an approach to overcome some of the difficulties with two examples. In particular, he will outline the developments in semidefinite linear programming and Markov Decision Process quantum algorithms and their relevance for financial services.

About The Speakers

Francis Lancan

Francis Lacan has led Financial Risk Management solutions at IBM for several years, after running the risk business consultancy practice. He is working closely with the IBM Research unit and has earned a reputation of innovator in the field of financial systems. Trained in applied mathematics, he started his career as a scientist at France’s National Space Research Centre before moving to finance and work as a financial engineer and risk manager for Lombard Odier Asset Management, Societe Generale Fixed Income and Bank of America Global Markets.

Marco Paini

Marco Paini leads clients programs in the UK and the quantum computing applications portfolio development at QxBranch, an advanced data analytics and quantum computing software company, headquartered in Washington, D.C., with offices in the UK and Australia. Prior to joining QxBranch, Marco spent more than eighteen years with Accenture, where he has held several roles in technology. In the last part of his career with Accenture, Marco oversaw the AI ecosystem and the development of the quantum computing offering for the Accenture UKI Financial Services Technology Advisory practice. Marco studied physics at the University of Pavia, where he collaborated with the Quantum Information Theory Group of the University of Pavia, contributing to important results in quantum tomography.

To accompany this talk the two speakers have each kindly produced a PDF document contain details of the contents of their talks. Please visit
https://everythingquantum.com/quantum-finance-talk/ to obtain the PDF and the slides of the talks when they become available.