What we're about

Welcome to London RationalMinds, for those of us who want a fun, supportive environment to develop critical-thinking skills and to support others to do the same!

In short, it's about thinking about how we think!

1) How we work!

Each month, we'll use a recent news story to practice tools and concepts that help us to:

• Recognise potential flaws in our own thinking.

• Practice assessing the arguments or reasoning of others to believe something.

2) Why is this useful?

We want a relaxed environment to develop these skills because:

• We can be prone to confirmation bias, which means thinking in way that reaffirms our existing views.

• Recognising potential flaws in our thinking, can improve decision-making and our ability to achieve our goals, whether personal or career-related.

• Practice assessing information and others' arguments, can help reduce the chance of being misled.

3) Who are we?

RationalMinds is something we want to support one another to continually develop. It's for those of us that:

• Want to reflect on their own potential biases to make better rational decisions moving forward.

• Are objective and willing to change their mind if presented with a better argument or evidence.

• Want a conversation, not a debate: it’s not about winning for ‘my side’.

4) What previous attendees said!

• An interesting, fun new experience!

• We made sense of a topic together, through enjoyable conversations

• I was worried what I’d be able to contribute, but found everything really manageable and accessible!

• Wasn’t about how much I knew, but about what I thought.

• I enjoyed listening to other’s perspectives, to broaden my own

• My opinion was valued, and not under pressure to change

• It provided a nice way to meet new people, that wasn’t forced or uncomfortable!

5) About Dan

Attending something like this would have been the type of thing that would have terrified me in the past, but I firmly believe that improving these skills can help us as individuals and society as a whole.

I want to support others to develop their RationalMinds and would like you to come and help me develop mine!

If you’d like more information than do drop me a message! Happy to provide further information!


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