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About the group:

This group is open to welcome and embrace all those participants who are willing to live and share the healing wonders withing a warm and experienced team. Through love energy and meditation we invite all those people, who are seeking peace of mind and soul.

London Reiki Meetup

The meetup will be separated into two parts. Some of the activities you could expect at the first part would be: talks to share experiences and topics of interest. Small and large group healing exchange, with music, Bach remedies, aromatherapy, meditations, crystal healings and more.

The second part would give people the opportunity to deepen even further their knowledge, receive healings and be initiated on these beautiful energies.

About us:

We are caring and experienced Reiki Masters of different backgrounds, committed to pass on wonderful and loving healings and initiations in an efficient, simple and direct way, with passion to help as many people as possible.

Over the past decade, we have found that including Crystal Healing, Bach Flower Remedies, Aromatherapy, Angel Oracle Card Readings and Music greatly enhances the receptivity, focus, effectiveness, power and value of the healing experiences. That's why they have become such a focal point of our healings and initiations with amazing results.

We draw our knowledge from Usui Reiki, Kundalini, Seichem, Karuna, Angel Card Readings, Merlin Healing, Matrix Energetics, Shamanic Drumming to name some of our favourites.

During the next months, we are focusing on organizing meetups to giving healings and initiations up to Master Level, in over 40 different energies starting off with Usui and Kundalini in Central London.

Usui Reiki and Kundalini Reiki Initiations

*All in the price of the initiation*

1) The Initiation of your choice

2) Lesson on its fundamentals

3) Crystal Healing (to clear your energy)

4) Oracle Card Reading (to give you guidance)

5) Manual (to help you stay in touch with what you have learned)

6) Certificate (to be proud of your accomplishments)

7) Healing Exchange Meetup with the rest of the practitioners

*All in the price of the initiation*

What to wear: It's best to wear comfortable clothes. You may also want to bring a blanket, as during the healing part of the meetup, you would like to fully relax and enjoy the experience deeper.


Reiki Level I: ₤160 (Learn the fundamentals of Usui Reiki. The Initiation will open your Crown, Heart and Hand Chakras, and start accessing Reiki flow. You will also be able to give healings to yourself, friends and family.)

Reiki Level II: ₤250 (Initiation on the first 3 Symbols, Power Symbol, Mental/Emotional Symbol, and Distant Symbol) With this level, your Reiki flow will have empowered greatly. You are going to be able to control easier the Healing Energies and in addition you will be able to give distant healings.

Reiki Teacher and Master Level: ₤340. This is a double initiation. After the completion, you will be attuned to all Reiki Symbols, and the Reiki Power will have increased immensely. Now as a Reiki Master, you will be able to teach others also.

Kundalini Reiki: ₤150. Be initiated at all levels up to Master with only ₤130 . This is a wonderful and powerful healing modality, quite useful for people practicing Yoga and for ones that want faster healing sessions, benefiting from same powerful results.

Faery Tree Spirit Elixirs: £130, It is an extremely visual and beautiful attunement that brings you to a Faery Tree Grove to receive the elixir of sixteen very Sacred Faery Tree Spirits. These sixteen tree spirit elixirs are the sixteen tree spirit empowerments you will receive directly from the Faeries when receiving this attunement. You will learn about the gifts, attributes and properties of the Sacred Faery Trees:

Discounts: Discounts apply if you come to the healings, choose to be initiated in other healings, or introduce friends.


Each healing lasts approximately one and a half hours. Before the healing there is going to be a small talk to build a report and trust, and explanation of the basic procedure. Upon the completion another talk takes place to discuss the main healing.

Have in mind that we are Reiki Masters of a plethora of Energy Healings, so you can even choose what kind of healing session you would like to experience.

What to wear: It's best to wear comfortable clothes. You may want to bring a blanket, as during the healing part of the meetup, you would like to fully relax and enjoy the experience deeper.

₤50 per Healing

Distant Healing Sessions:

One of the great benefits of Energy Healings, is that it's not restricted by space or time. With this type of work, you do not have to be physically present with the healer to receive it, and in addition you can relax in the comfort of your house or your favourite nature spot, no matter where you are.

₤30 per Healing

£20 Chi Ball Distant Healing

*Discounts apply if multiple sessions are booked*

Share: Please feel free to share this event with your friends, or even with people you believe would benefit from these healing energies.

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*Heart Chakra Healing*

SW16 2BQ

Hello there! We will be learning information on how the Chakras work, how we can work with them more compassionately and creatively and we will learn how to bring them and keep them in alignment. Main Points of the Chakra Course: • Together we will balance each chakra one by one with powerful energy healing techniques • We will learn and understand what effect each chakra has on our physical, emotional and spiritual body • We will have guided meditations and learn exercises to keep each chakra in alignment • We will learn practical tips, on how to maintain them in harmony • Learn which healing stones and elements correspond to each chakra • Meet other like minded people • Experience herbal teas • Experience bach remedies and essential oils • Have Fun Through this course, apart of the knowledge gained, and the energy healing that will be received, you will have a further insight in the fascinating world of energies and auras with the ultimate objective of well being and promoting healing. It will be all delivered through a culture of compassion, understanding and love. It’s advisable to bring with you a notebook and pen, if you want to write down information given through the lessons. It is not obligatory to attend all 7 lessons. Cost: £10 Facebook Group: Healing Arts United P.S. If you would like to have an Individual Healing, Distant Healing or learn how to practice Energy Healing like Reiki so you can give to your loved ones, please contact me on my mobile or send an message at the inbox:[masked] NOTICE: Above all, we want to provide a purposeful, relaxing and warm environment for the people that attend our group healings. So please respect the fact, that we reserve the right to exclude individuals from the group healings, when one to one sessions are more appropriate.

Healing Arts United Alumni Energy Share

Needs a location

Hello all!! Hope you are fantastically well! I have been having a kind force nudging me to organise a healing session where all people that have been initiated by me and/or Philip can participate in! I know that many of you live in various parts of the world right now. So it wouldn't be possible to meet up all together at the same place. However as you all know, energy healing isn't restricted by time or space, so we are not going to be restricted. :-) The reasons to this session a) Apart of being one of the perks to have been initiated by Healing Arts United ;-) b) It feels quite necessary to reacquaint ourselves to ourselves and to our personal energy. It feels like we need just a bit of motivation, because we are now finding ourselves at a threshold, after which a new level is awaiting us. It’s the next level of a game we had started playing a while ago. We have been preparing ourselves for years, perhaps in a variety of ways; and now it’s time for us to pursue that life. Ask yourself: What was that project? Which was that state of being? What was that thing that made sense and made you feel you have a purpose you need to fulfil? That is what we will aim to crystallise. Having so many people participating, and with strong Chi energies as we have all been initiated, I’m pretty sure it will be a rather strong healing! And a strong force is what we need right now. This session, will give us the clarity and the strength to go ahead by taking charge of our situations, and also help us let go of the obstacles that have been holding us back it is going to provide us with a feeling of community, connection, and inspiration! Q & As: # Where will it take place? Wherever you are on Planet Earth. # Is there also going to be a gathering? Of course there will. I have space for 6 extra people to come at my house, and create a healing circle. (Please let me know who would like to join because I’m sure the spots will fill up quickly.) # How do I sign up for the Alumni Healing Circle? Register your participation: 1) RSPV on this meetup group. 2) Signing up on "Healing Arts United" Facebook Group Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/358620728066606/ 3) Reply via email, meetup's personal messages, or text Louise or Philip # Do I need to have been initiated by Healing Arts United? (Louise or Philip) Yes. This is a Healing Circle for our students that have been attuned with us in whatever type of energy healing regardless of the level. # What is the cost? There is no cost. # How long will it last? The actual energy share should last approximately 1 hour. # Does it matter that I’ve only been initiated recently. It is advisable to have concluded your 21 days after the initiation day. # What happens if I can’t participate on the day? Ideally, it would be great for all to participate. However, if somebody cannot change their plans, please get in contact with me and I will give you instructions on your alternative options. # Does it matter that I have been initiated only on Level 1? No, it doesn’t. Doesn’t matter if you are Level 1 or Master Level. The energy share is for everyone! # Can all types of energy healing participate? Of course! Furthermore, if you are guided, feel free to use whatever healing modality feels right. # Why Sunday, 24th February? • For as many people to be able to participate. Majority of people should be available on Sundays. • Gives us enough time to prepare ourselves emotionally, spiritually and mentally. • Allows us to make changes on shifts or whatever is needed. • Just before Spring comes, so we can be in full force for it when it arrives. If you have other questions, feel free to get in send me or Philip a personal message. We are really looking forward to this healing share! Until then, may you all have blissful days! Love and Peace, Louise and Philip

*1 Hour Guided Meditation*

SW16 2BQ

Over a cup of delicious herbal tea, we will have a short conversation so we can build a trusting connection between members. We will experience fragrant essential oils, lovely music, and a guided meditation. Each meditation experience is different! Depending on the day and the collective energy, there may be a different objective for each meditation. You are welcome, whether this is your very first time to meditate, or if you have been meditating for years. Everyone can benefit from these practices, so feel free to join! Looking forward to meeting you all! Love and Light, Louise Cost: £7. P.S. If you would like to have an Individual Healing, a Distant Healing through Skype or learn how to practice Energy Healing so you can give to your loved ones, you can also contact me on my mobile:[masked] Feel free to check out our website which we created so lovingly, to find out more information about our practices and ethos: http://www.healingartsunited.com *Join our Facebook Group: Healing Arts United* NOTICE: Above all, we want to provide a purposeful, relaxing and warm environment for the people that attend our group healings. So please respect the fact, that we reserve the right to exclude individuals from the group healings, when one to one sessions are more appropriate.

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