Initiations on Usui Reiki and Kundalini Reiki!!!

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How to find us

The session will take place in a private home. The exact house number will be disclosed in personal message. :-) Feel free to call me if needed on 07437487737.

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About us:

We are caring and experienced Reiki Masters of different backgrounds, committed to pass on wonderful and loving healings and initiations in an efficient, simple and direct way, with passion to help as many people as possible.

Over the past decade, we have found that including Crystal Healing, Bach Flower Remedies, Aromatherapy, Angel Oracle Card Readings and Music, greatly enhances the receptivity, focus, effectiveness, power and value of the healing experiences. That's why they have become such a focal point of our healings and initiations with amazing results.

We draw our knowledge from many types of Energy Healings and Reiki styles, such as Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Seichem, Karuna, Angel Card Readings, Merlin Healing, Matrix Energetics, Shamanic Drumming to name some of our favorites!!!

Reiki Initiations:

*All in the price of the initiation*

1) The Initiation of your choice

2) Lesson on its fundamentals

3) Crystal Healing (to clear your energy)

4) Oracle Card Reading (to give you guidance)

5) Manual (to help you stay in touch with what you have learned)

6) Certificate (to be proud of your accomplishments)

7) Healing Exchange Meetup with the rest of the practitioners

*All in the price of the initiation*


Usui Reiki Level I: ₤150 Learn the fundamentals of Usui Reiki. The Initiation will open your Crown, Heart and Hand Chakras, and start accessing Reiki flow. Initiation on the first 2 Symbols, Power Symbol, Mental/Emotional Symbol.You will also be able to give healings to yourself, friends and family.

Usui Reiki Level II: ₤250 Initiation on the next Symbol, the Distant Symbol. With this level, your Reiki flow will have empowered greatly. You are going to be able to control easier the Healing Energies and in addition you will be able to give distant healings. Discounts available for people that have already have attended London Reiki Healing Meetups, initiated with us before and for people on Benefits.

Kundalini Reiki: This is one of the most powerful Reiki healing methods and self-development. Kundalini Reiki heals and invigorates the body, mind and soul! The goal of Kundalini reiki is to raise the energy from the the bottom of the spinal column to the crown chakra. By opening and stimulating the major chakra energy centers, and removing blockages of physical, emotional and mental background, through the channeling of healing energy. This type of Reiki does not require symbols.

Each level of Kundalini Reiki is £80.
If you wish to get attuned to all three, it will be £200.

Extra Information:

When someone gets attuned in a Healing modality, it is usually a very powerful experience, as many ideas, habits, and understandings shift for the individual. So here are some tips for preparing before the initiation:

What to wear:
It's best to wear comfortable clothes. Wearing all white clothes (or light creamy colours) has a noticeable effect on the experience.
You may also want to bring a blanket, as during the healing part of the initiation, you would like to fully relax and enjoy it even deeper.

What to eat:
The days leading up to the attunement and after it, you would want to reduce or if possible clear your body from toxins, by eating healthy fresh vegetables and fruit as they have a lighter vibration allowing you to be more sensitive to the changes and energies.
Generally: Treat your self with respect and loving thoughts, and if possible try to avoid harsh energies and environments by consciously choosing relaxing, nurturing and happy surroundings prior and after the Initiation.

For any further questions or information, please don't hesitate to get in touch! :-)

Love and Light,