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According to the Andean prophecies, in 2020 we are now entering the age of the Pachakuti: a time of great planetary and societal transformation. As we orient ourselves from the rollar-coaster ride of 2019, now, more than ever, is a time to come together to plant the seeds of the future we wish to create.

The long-term vision for this group is to help in facilitating the growth of a 'shamanic' community or sangha in London to support those who are growing or interested in the paths of indigenous & natural spirituality.

Where we can come together to be around the fire in sacred ceremony, to pray, sing & dance, to plant food, to discuss, to build friendships & right relationship, and develop more conscious ways of relating to ourselves and others. To be the change as a collective of empowered people that needs to be made manifest in the world.

Any level of experience or spiritual background (including agnostic) is welcome.

This is a seed in the early stage of planting and I expect and am open to the format of this group evolving gradually with time.

In the short-term, expect to find regular shamanic ceremonies, group healing sessions, and events hosted here.

I hope through them you might discover tools for your own self-empowerment to guide you through this transformational year and make new friendships along the way.

Where possible events hosted here will be aimed to be accessible and affordable, with costs covering the expenses of hosting the event.

I'm always interested in aligning with and building bridges with similar efforts, or meeting those of common interests, so please do join the group or get in touch.

Till we meet,

Haux Haux
(Let the healing commence!)


My name's Bradley. I became involved in shamanism after a chance encounter with shamans of the Andean & Amazonian Peruvian traditions three years ago shortly after moving to London.

I've since been humbled to under-take training with master shamans of the Andean Q'ero lineage, who, according to folklore, are said to be the direct descendants of the Incan civilisation. I continue to be in ceremony and make efforts to learn from as many other indigenous communities & people on the spiritual path as I can.

I was formally initiated into the Q'ero lineage in early 2019 and have recently established my own service as a practitioner, healer, & mesa holder of this tradition. I consider myself to be passionate but very young on this path, and am always eager & open to learn more from you.


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Harvest Moon: Despacho Manifestation Ceremony


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