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Ladies - kick start your love life with UK's top dating coach!

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If you’re a single woman and still waiting for prince charming to sweep you off your feet, then this may be the best thing you do this year...

Let’s face it, men would be easier to understand if they came with instruction manuals!

Internationally renowned dating expert Matthew Hussey noticed a pattern in the 20,483 women who asked for his advice last year and he’s put together a talk that tells you what he’s learnt about men and the mistakes that women make with them. It will teach ANY woman the simple tweaks and millimetre shifts that’s sure to transform any woman’s love life (almost overnight) and help her avoid falling into the same traps.

I'm a massive fan of Matthew, and I've managed to get you free tickets (normally £20) that will change your love life for the better. Matthew founded 'Get the Guy' ( and regularly appears on TV and in the media but more importantly he'll help you get the love life you deserve. In this entertaining talk, he'll share some of the insights and tips he's learnt that will help you improve your love life for the better. Just RSVP though Meetup for your free ticket and you can bring guests with you for free too. Note: this event is for ladies only.

I ran this event in February too, it was a great success with 150 amazing women and incredible feedback which you can see on 'Past Meetups'.

Here's some of what you'll learn at the event:

How to get back in control of your love life

Myths on dating and why women CAN take the driving seat - You're going to take charge of your love life and start attracting guys EVERYWHERE Why you should NEVER settle for anything - You will start opening up opportunities like never before How to make things happen when you meet a guy you like - You will attract him, have INCREDIBLE dates and enjoy every moment with him The ability to act and attract - simple but powerful attraction methods that will have men falling over themselves to meet you Where to meet guys & attract the guys you want

Why it's so difficult for you to meet men - You will finally understand what's been stopping you The simplest ways to meet quality guys... also the best places - Your weekends will be full of exciting meet-ups with new guys that you WANT to spend time with Social circles and why you MUST have one that works for you - Gradually you will start to see a change in your life, new friends will appear, new opportunities and of course MORE men Tips to attract guys and how to make the BIGGEST impact - Men will be asking you to go out, approaching you in every situation and wanting to meet up What men are REALLY looking for in a partner - You will get that "AHA" moment and realise what you have been doing wrong all this time The psychology of men - delving inside the male mind

Why men don't commit and how to get him to commit - You will see a DRAMATIC change in him almost instantly The reason why he won't make the first move even though the chemistry is there - When you use one of our simple tips, he'll jump at the chance to take you out! What keeps men interested - NEVER AGAIN will you wonder why he won't call you back, or contact you when you've had such a great time together and much much more... This afternoon is going to be packed with incredible techniques you can start using immediately to transform your love life. Please RSVP for your free ticket and I can't wait to see you there. This is a revealing expose that shows you exactly why men do the things they do, what makes them tick and more importantly how YOU - with just a few simple ideas and tweaks can finally have the love life that would make your friends filled with envy.

I went to his talk last July after being single for what seemed like an eternity, and now I’m living with an amazing guy and we’ve just had a gorgeous baby boy together. The stuff that Matthew teaches works and I really believe that every woman who's not got the right man in her life needs to go and listen to what he's got to say.

Tickets are normally £20 to Matthew's 'Get the Guy Live!' event, but because I'm such a fan of his he's allowing my meetup members to attend for FREE! Plus you can bring friends with you for free too. How great is that! Just RSVP and I'll send you full details a few days before the actual event. NOTE: This event is for ladies only.

Come and try it, it's fun and you'll learn so much...and if you don't like it you can just leave. What have you got to lose!

RSVP now and I'll see you there!


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