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Let's do something different! Survival weekend retreat

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Lets' do something different on the weekend...


Would you be brave enough to sleep in a shelter that you’ve built yourself? Would you be prepared to forage for your dinner in the wild? If you think you would have what it takes, join one of our groups on the Weekend Survival Challenge and get hands-on training from global explorers on how to survive in the wild. Over the course of the weekend you will be required to complete various survival tasks each day, which will push your boundaries and test your comfort zones. Participants are encouraged to use this challenge to fundraise for charity and/or as training for an ambitious upcoming expedition.


Duration: 2 Days, 1 Night

Group Size: 5-13

Your challenge: Learn to survive in the wild with SAS-trained explorer

Adventure Grade: Medium

Charity Fundraise: Open (you may use this challenge to fundraise for a charity of your choice)

Dates: 26th April & 28th June


- Build your own improvised shelter
- Get hands on experience of preparing and cooking a “wild” dinner
- Learn how to make fire
- Learn how to purify water for drinking
- All set in a private forest untamed by park rangers


Day 1

This challenge begins at 9am on Saturday morning. Our rendezvous point will be at the Fox & Badger Pub, just outside Bath. Once everyone has arrived we’ll head up a tiny winding road to the entrance to the forest. From here we’ll head in on foot. Once we arrive at base camp, you will have a short briefing by the survival instructor, introductions to the team members, and house rules of your new outdoor abode. Over the next 2 days you will learn how to build a shelter, make a fire, collect clean water, and hunt for your own food. Get ready, the challenge has begun.

Straight away you are faced with your first challenge: building shelter. You will be taught about the types of shelter practical for forest areas and the tools and materials used, and then it’s over to you. Divided into “tribes”, you will build a “tribe shelter”. Remember, you’re going to have to sleep in what you build!

12.30: Lunch time. A well earned break while we refuel. In the afternoon you will be given your second challenge: making fire! Over to you. Your team must start a localised fire outside your shelter to keep warm.

This afternoon you will learn how to collect, clean and sterilise water. Once dusk falls we will all sit down around the main campfire and have some dinner. Just when you think its time to go to sleep, we will rally everyone to go on a night walk through the forest where we will teach you the navigation method of Dead Reckoning. This is made harder as night falls.

Tonight you will sleep in your self-made shelters.

Day 2

8:30am - a basic breakfast is served.

Today we will complete the last survival challenge: how to collect, trap and catch your own food! Something you may be standing on or leaning on like plant or fungus, or a creature you hear or see, like fish, birds and plump insects, may just be something you end up putting in your mouth for dinner. The woodland is an open food market ready for you to enjoy. We will enjoy what the forest has to offer as our lunch.

In the afternoon, we will have some time to practice our hunting skills with some archery. Time permitting we will cover other essential survival techniques. This marks the end of the Survival Challenge. You have made it to the finish line. You can now head back to the comfort of your homes and be rewarded with a hot bath and some decent food.

About your Survival Expert:

Daniel Bouskila:

“Welcome, friend, to my world. I lead with firsthand knowledge and experience beyond my years. The great outdoors, while feared by many, is the terrain where I was born and brought up. My early days working and living with the British Marines and Army probably helped give me the strength and courage to venture on unbeaten tracks.
The most remote peaks on this planet, the coldest, most bleak landscapes and the dense jungles are where I feel most at home. I have an extensive background in mountaineering and cold weather survival. I have explored and climbed virgin peaks in some of the most remote parts of the world. People like what I do and follow me on my month-long expeditions from the Himalayan mountains to the Arabian desert”.

Fundraise for a Charity of your choice:

Use this inspired challenge to fundraise for a charity or cause of your choice.

Is this adventure for you?

This survival weekend is recommended for all levels and backgrounds, individuals, social groups and corporate teams; we will take you step-by-step through all the essential topics such as shelter, water, fire and food, teaching you proven methods and encouraging you to get hands-on for the duration of the trip.

What grade of adventure do we give this?

Low. Anyone who is active, enthusiastic about the outdoors and prepared to push their comfort zone will enjoy this trip. No intense physical activity is required, but rather a mental willingness to go beyond your regular comfort zones.

What's Included:

-Bivy bags & basic shelter in the forest for the first night

-Tea and other hot drinks

-Boil in the bag ration packs or equivalent

-Natural foods provide by mother nature

-All tools to make shelters

-Professional instructor


What's not included:

-Sleeping bags

-Personal kit

You may arrive Friday evening if you wish, and have an extra night camping. If you choose to do