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Philosophy Cafe - 2nd Monday of the Month

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The Philosophy Cafe open format discussion is a regular monthly meeting, although because of the time of year on the 3rd rather than 2nd Monday of this month, 7-9pm at The Travelling Through Bookshop Cafe (downstairs inside the bookshops). So put it in your diary.

How it works is that we choose the discussion topic together on the night and you're invited to participate (or to sit back and enjoy the conversation, if that's your preference). No homework or prior reading is necessary - just come prepared to be open-minded.

Everyone is welcome to suggest a topic. The topic should be relatively brief. The topic doesn't need to be a question, one-word topics can make for excellent conversation. Please also try to leave assumptions out of the question (e.g., do not ask "why do we think..." as it presumes that we all think the same way - which is highly unlikely).

The Travelling Through Cafe serves tea/coffee and has a drinks license. There is food and snacks. Food is very good, although limited so you can grab a bite before and during the discussion.

Please bring £3 to donate towards the costs (they stay open especially for us).

Don't forget to keep your RSVP up-to-date!
Travelling Through Book Shop & Cafe
131 Lower Marsh, SE1 7AE · London
How to find us

Opposite Waterloo Health Centre towards Westminster Bridge Road end of Lower Marsh

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