London, 17

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Sep 23, 2014


Hi, I'm Nish and I was annoyed about how hard it is to play squash in London, so I created this group for London Squash players in an attempt to redress the balance. See you on the courts soon!

Please describe your squash skill level?

Mid-intermediate. Used to play a lot - hopefully this group will help me get back to my peak!

Where is the most convenient location for you to play?

East London, but anywhere zone 1-2 really. I will travel if the game is guarenteed

When are the best times of day for you to play?

I have inconsistent free periods during the day - so loads of free courts but can't find anyone to play against!

What is stopping you from playing more squash?

Inability to find people to play against, aligning our schedules.

What other sports do you like to play, if any?

I play most things - football, tennis, basketball, a little bit of ultimate frisbee. But squash is my #1