• Public Speaking Club Night - How To Be More Funny As A Speaker- Limited Tickets.
    Details Speakers Express presents: How To Be More Funny As A Speaker- Lot of people coming from different meet up- Limited Tickets. Content creation and structure is one thing, delivering an impactful speech that isn't forgotten the next day is another. Many of the best speeches in the world feature plenty of humour. No matter the subject, a talented speaker will make their audience laugh so they really feel at home with him or her on stage. Let us show you how. Tickets: £18 online/£25 at the door- https://bit.ly/2NT7YZ3 After the theme presentation it's over to the Speakers Express members & audience to run the show, speak, get feedback & grow as speakers. There is an Audience Stage Time Corner in the second half of the night but getting up to speak is completely optional. Here’s what else you’ll see on stage: 1. An X-Factor style panel of professional speakers to give feedback 2. Five-minute prepared speeches 3. Charlie's Pitching Corner 4. One Trick Ponies 5. Audience Stage Time Corner What people say about Speaker Express: I took the two day Speaker Express course, worked on my confidence and now secured 4 speaking gigs! - Ash Taylor, Consultant Speaker Express has pushed me out of my comfort zone and made it more comfortable. - James N. I went from this ‘raw, rough and ready speaker with no structure' to running my business and using speaking as a way to attract clients. - Ollie Trew, Speaker & Coach Speaker Express throws boring, structured training out of the window and instead focuses on authenticity and helping you to present naturally with self-belief. - Toby F. Doors open at 6.30 pm – event starts at 7 pm sharp. We run monthly Boardroom sessions, a 2 Day Creating your Signature Talk training, a 3-month Speaking Kickstarter, a 6-month Professional Speaking Accelerator and a Next Level Programme, all about building a speaking business. If you have a bigger vision for yourself or running your own business then come along and learn how to take your speaking and confidence to the next level. Connect: We always have new people attending so the event can get very busy. Please ask us how to get the most out of your evening. Tickets: £18 online/£25 at the door- https://bit.ly/2NT7YZ3 Your Speaker Express Team: Elliot, Emily & Annik x Any questions - Please contact www.speakerexpress.co.uk - @speakerexpress

    Institute of directors

    116 Pall Mall SW1Y 4AE · London

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  • A Full Day on Evolutionary Psychology - Limited Tickets.
    Details Learn about the fascinating science of evolutionary psychology in this full day of talks from leading clinical and evolutionary psychologists. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ **Please note: this is a ticketed event. RSVP on meetup will not get access on the day.**For tickets, please click here: https://bit.ly/2zoRhPy Can practising compassion create lasting, physiological changes in your brain? Is homosexuality really ‘against nature’? And can an evolutionary understanding of our minds help explain, and offer solutions to many of the mental health problems we are facing today? These are just some of the topics we’ll explore at ‘A Day on Evolutionary Psychology’ at The Weekend University. In this series of talks, we’ll examine human psychology and behaviour through the lens of modern evolutionary theory. You’ll learn: - The foundations of evolutionary psychology; how your emotions, thought patterns, perceptions, and social interactions have been shaped by millions of years of evolutionary history - Why same sex behaviour evolved in human and non-human animals; the fascinating evolutionary origins of homosexual behaviour and why it is widespread – not only amongst humans, but other animals alike - The amazing science of compassion focused therapy; learn about the rapidly growing evidence for this groundbreaking form of therapy, and how it can help you be kinder both towards yourself and others, end toxic self criticism, heal trauma and shame, and improve your emotional wellbeing. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of how these evolutionary insights can improve your emotional intelligence in the modern world. For information on the lectures & speakers, and tickets, please see: https://bit.ly/2zoRhPy **Please note: this is a ticketed event. RSVP on meetup will not get access on the day.**

    Birkbeck, University of London

    London Malet Street, Bloomsbury · London, WC1E 7HX

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  • How to create and maintain social circles workshop
    London is one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world, yet it is also one of the loneliest places to live. We are surrounded by people all the time but with more people using the phones and other devices, we are losing our ability to connect with one another. WE HAVE LIMITED TICKETS- PLEASE CLICK THE LINK AND BOOK YOUR TICKETS- https://bit.ly/2PWB26y It seems that everyone in London is career focused and the main social events revolve around drinking with work colleagues. By the time the weekend comes around do you have things planned or are you too tired to do anything? Even being in a crowd can feel lonely and the people you really want to see are just too busy. Social anxiety is also something that talked about a lot. If you want to go and meet new people but you suffer from anxiety, it is really hard. If it is all work and no play, then what is the point of living in London? When you have a poor social life it can lead to isolation, fatigue, depression and low self esteem. People often put off the social life development by indulging in box sets and using social media to keep in contact with people they never see in person. In this workshop we are going to cover; • Main sources of Social Anxiety and what to do about it • How to pro-actively take charge of your social life • Where to find where the people you really want to be with go, and how to approach them • How to maintain social circles • How social dynamics really work • How to plan your social life and boost your self esteem • Why first impressions are so important and how to make the best one This is going to be a highly interactive workshop and you will leave with a clear plan or what to do. Everything will be real world based and will involve learning skill sets, not just mindset. At the end of the workshop you will have; - A list of things to do and people to do it with - Groups and teams you are going to join - Start or be part of a new project Here is just some of the feedback from the last time I gave this talk; "Thanks – last night's talk was the best Interesting Talk I’ve been to so far and I learned an enormous amount. It was practical, down-to-earth, rooted in experience, no bullshit, funny, honest and authentic, with non of that slightly irritating sense that information is being deliberately withheld to up-sell an expensive workshop / coaching session. It felt as though you knew your subject inside-out and genuinely wanted the best for the audience "Matt, what an amazing talk. No bs, just straight to the point, but it also made me laugh so much (nothing funnier than real life). One of the best I have ever heard and already made an impact on me positively. thanks again robin" "An informative, humorous and engaging talk - thanks Matt!" "Thanks Matt for an inspirational talk - it helped crystallize a few ideas I am going to now put into practice to improve my social life. It was also great to meet with like-minded people. I look forward to attending another of your talks." "Thanks for a great talk Matt, useful tips delivered in a down to earth way. X" Matt Kendall Proactive is often a word used to describe Matt and his lifestyle. At aged 20 he started a band promotion business in Manchester and become well established in the music scene. He then went on to start a business networking event that attracted over 100 creative types. Matt is also a qualified therapist and works with clients mainly for social anxiety. Matt tells his clients "you cannot therapy your way out of an issue!" Matt believes that action is much more effective that trying to get the right "mindset" or asking the universe for help. Matt arrived in London 6 year ago with just a suitcase and a laptop. Armed with only his skills, he has built up businesses, social circles and Meetup groups. He has done all this on his own by using very simple systems. WE HAVE LIMITED TICKETS- PLEASE CLICK THE LINK AND BOOK YOUR TICKETS- https://bit.ly/2PWB26y

    The Rugby Tavern

    19 Great James Street WC1N 3ES · London · London