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We often experience a lack of confidence to some degree in certain contexts in our working and personal lives. The consequence is that we do not show ourselves in the best light, we fail to make a good impression, or we don’t do ourselves justice. Whatever we feel, we probably want to kick ourselves, or we get down on ourselves, retreat into ourselves, etc, etc, etc.

But what if we could break that cycle of downwardness and feel good about ourselves - the world will look like a much better place to us all.

In this interactive session, we will look at how we get down on our confidence and therefore how we can counter the lack of confidence and build it instead. We will look at and practise ways of breaking the lack of confidence cycle, and we will gain insight and awareness on how to deploy techniques into our working and personal lives to increase our confidence.

This session is about development and awareness, including:
- We will have an insight into what lack of confidence is and why it occurs
- We will learn how to develop confidence
- We will gain strategies to increase and maintain confidence
- And .... we will gain techniques to help us build confidence


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Speaker Bio:

John Fitzmaurice - Director of Coaching, JF Integ Coaching

I am an accredited coach, NLP practitioner, mentor & (occasional) consultant, I work with people to support them to achieve positive change, their goals and towards fulfilling themselves in the work environment.

I was a highly accomplished senior IT manager with a specialism in managing the impact of IT change, integrations and implementation. Possessing over 35 years of business experience, including running my own recruitment company for 10 years, I developed a reputation for having a powerful transformative presence, resulting in increased profitability, productivity and brand positioning.

I transitioned into coaching because I love to support and encourage people through their journeys of development and growth. The feedback I receive makes it all worthwhile. I am honoured to be a mentor working with the Princes Trust on their entrepreneur’s programme. I have the opportunity to use my skills and many years of experience to support the next generation of business leaders.

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