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Art classes focused on figurative and abstract drawing and painting. Addressed to beginners, intermediate or advanced adult learners.
Art classes focused on figurative and abstract drawing and painting. Addressed to beginners, intermediates and advanced learners who would like a taste of a different approach.
The goal of these classes is to introduce the student to the fundamentals of painting and drawing. It's more possible to express ourselves successfully when we understand how a visual language is structured.
Classes consist of studies on still life and nude human compositions. Media to be used are charcoal, pencil, acrylics, ink, and watercolours.

Location: Tannery Arts studios, 15-19 Parkhouse St. Camberwell, London SE5 7TQ
Tannery Arts has no affiliation with these classes and is not responsible for their content.

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Free-hand drawing, PART 2. Understanding & learning a visual language.

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In this second part, we will be drawing together while emphasizing the structural importance of tonal values.

1st hour: A theoretical explanation and demonstration should be expected.

2nd and 3rd hours: We will work together on a similar subject. At this point, I will provide you with constructive feedback and corrections.

End of the 2nd hour: 5-minute break😉.

Towards the end of the 3rd hour, we will revise the main parts of the course.

-Materials: If you have an easel and mounting board, then charcoal willow sticks and an A2 paper are ideal! (paper with a bit of a tooth suitable for dry media) If the above is not handy, then 2B-4B pencils together with an A3/A4 paper will work just fine.
Also, hard rubber and/or a putty rubber, you will need them.😉

This is an online course, via Zoom. You will need a desktop or laptop, a camera either built-in or external, and a microphone.

It would be nice to meet, 10 min ahead of schedule, to sort out any questions and details.

Looking forward to seeing you all.


n.b. Please, note that "Drawing Values" will not be responsible for any connectivity or technical issues. Therefore no compensation is provided if, for any reason, the attendee is unable to participate.

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