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LUUG 15 : A Brave New World.

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Hey y'all.

We're pleased to announce a new LUUG! Yay!

As ever we're at LSBU, and we should once again be in VG06 of the K2 building, providing the projector has been fixed!

We've got some great content lined up for you, and we're hoping to finalise the details of some extra content...but for now, you can check out what we've got lined up for you below!

Unity 4

I'm sure you are all aware by now that Unity 4 is coming out soon. For those of you that are lucky to have access to the beta you've already started enjoying some of the new features. For the rest of you, well, we want to reward your patience and give you an in-depth look into some of Unity 4's most amazing features.

Even if you have already had a go with Unity 4, there's probably some stuff you've not had a chance to touch yet, so this is your chance to get a closer look too!

From Mecanim, render resolutions and Direct X 11 support to dynamic shadows on mobile, render resolutions on iOS and world collisions in the Shuriken particle system. We'll guide you through some of the new workflows and show just how easy you can get these incredibly powerful features into your games.

Open Mic Night

Your chance to get up on stage and tell us what's on your mind. Whether it's a game your working on, job oppertunities or just long as it's tenuously Unity related we'll let you talk about it.

The Ship

As important as any other part of LUUG, we always head over to The Ship on Borough road to talk about what we've done...and have a drink. It's mostly about the drink really.

Get your RSVPs in and get ready to get your LUUG on!