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Learn to Nordic Walk and you will burn up to 400 calories an hour - more than you can lose through running, jogging, swimming or cycling. And anyone can do it - you can do it, whatever your age or present level of fitness. It's great fun, never uncomfortable or stressful and as well as losing weight, you will improve your health. Come and discover Nordic Walking with me. I am an experienced, internationally qualified instructor dedicated to helping you work towards your goals, whatever they may be. I have been Nordic Walking myself for 15 years and teaching it for over 10 years. You will feel better, lose weight, build up resistance to winter colds and infections, have fun, meet others and discover the great outdoors! Fatima Hellemans says, "I have been suffering from a bad back and neck for years and even after my very first lesson I felt invigorated and confident about the many benefits this can give me . . .” Heather Saunders wrote, “ . . . I really enjoyed it and felt amazing afterwards. My ‘get up and go’ which had definitely ‘got up and gone’ suddenly returned and the next day I had so much energy that I was tackling all sorts of jobs while I was still on a high.” Just come along to Furnivall Gardens on the Thames near Hammersmith Bridge for a free introduction on a Sunday afternoon at 2pm or Sunday morning at 1130am. See the list of Meetups. You'll find out all about it, watch a demonstration, have a go, ask questions and know what to look for when buying Nordic Poles! No obligation at all. (Don't buy poles without advice)! The next course of 3 Lessons starts at 1130 on Sunday 6th January - a good time to start shaking off the Christmas excesses, invest in your future, starting 2019 as you mean to go on. Fees for this intensive 3-week course are £50, payable in advance or in cash on the day. The video below gives you an idea of what's involved although, like any skill, there's rather more to it than the video suggests! His technique is not perfect and it's obviously advertising Leki poles but I chose it because it's only takes a few minutes to watch. Do come and join me for one of the introductory sessions or, if you wish, you can come along straight on to a 3-week course but please let me know first whether to expect you. I like to keep the numbers small as I am particularly concerned to teach you only the correct techniques. And it is only with correct technique that you will benefit properly from all that Nordic Walking can give you, in particular weight loss. I very much hope to meet you and help you achieve your goals.

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