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Needless to say,I believe that more than ever, there is a call for connection. But I am not talking about the common use of the word 'connection' i.e. ‘friends who love a drink at the pub’ - I am referring to something much deeper, which people has been lacking for a while.

The type of connection I am referring too, is one that comes along learning; through educating oneself; to know oneself. This ‘education’ can only be possible when the voluntary desire has emerged in oneself to find somewhere with
likeminded individuals, who would share their ideas and experiences in an environment free of judgements.

What's the purpose?

Due to the nature of what I study, being reflective not just about myself but also my surroundings, has led me to realise the bad usages of technology and social media has catastrophically turned people unsociable in real life situations, making them more miserable and incapable to reach meaningful connections. To begin with, I want the seminars in this group/classes to be understood that, you are here because you urge for REAL human interaction.

Here are the main reasons to why, you might want to be part of this study group:

-You are tired of never talking to REAL people.
-You wish to have deeper discussions about things and not only the superficial small talk.
-You want to learn new things.
-You are open minded.
-You are prepared to have your beliefs shaken and even changed.
-You would like to discuss things such as the soul, death, good, evil, but find that most people you know would mock you for bringing these things into conversation.
-You have many ‘why’s’? in your head.

You want to be challenged!

This is a serious learning group based on a seminar structure type of meeting. Each meeting/seminar will have a different philosophical subject to be discussed and I will prepare a lesson. Nothing to be worried if you have never done philosophy as the main thing is to ‘learn’ and as long as you have a curious mind and a desire to develop yourself, you will be fine.

For best outcome, I plan to keep the seminars with no more than 10 people so we can get to know each member well and have better chances of learning.

Disclaimer: It must be said that, this does not gives anyone any ‘certificated skills’. There would be no ‘writing papers’ however, I suggest for your own learning to keep a journal after meetings on the subjects that have been discussed.

This is to offer a genuine exchange of experiences from individuals with a true interest about the mind, the soul, the universe and who wish to create everlasting connections through education.

It’s Philosophical, but it's not boring!

And certainly this is not the kind of talk you can have with the person at the bus stop, as my lecturer would say. But this is also about ‘you’, your mind, your soul, your 'self'. If you find it difficult, you got it! This is not supposed to be easy at first.

All you need to bring is a notbook, a pen a curious mind and interesting experiences.

In our first seminar, I will have a list with all the subjects I plan to bring into discussion at our meetings but I will list some here, as to give an idea.

. Consciousness/Self-Consciousness (Hegel)

. The concept of self and (other)

. Opposites/Dualities

. Catharsis through art (Music)

. Self(realisation) death and rebirth

. Jung's individuation

. Socrates concept of the soul and reincarnation

It might sound all too 'abstract' at first look of each title, but this list is only for reference and later on I will be adding more context to it. Members are welcome to suggest topics related to any subject, but it must be followed by a philosophical approach.

Please I must add:

The meetings/seminars in this group are not for you if:

-You only looking for distraction and people to hang around.

-You not interested in engaging or debating philosophically.

-Your main purpose is to find a partner.

-You never read a book in your entire life.

-You feel too shy to speak your ideas in front of others.

-You are too sensitive to certain discussions, uphold an orthodox religious belief or feel offended to easily.

-You are not able to turn off your phone during the meetings(sorry, no exceptions).

Before asking to be part of it, please send me a message briefly describing a bit about yourself, age, interests, and why you want to join the group. It can be somthing else not listed here.

However, as previously said, these meetings have the intention to establish meaningful social bonds between the members and whatever the friendships/relationships are developed during the meetings, is a testimony of genuine interaction from the members.

Place for first seminar is to be decided depending on demand.

First seminar meeting discussion:

Can the gap between humans and technology ever be solved? What is the answer to end isolation and the so called evil of “instant gratification”?


A bit about my journey into Philosophy

I was never a ‘conventional’ child for my age, always more interested to converse with more mature people. In my teens, I developed a taste for unusual things, such as old books, films, classical music etc,

This brought me close to my uncle, who at the time taught philosophy for A-level students.We enjoy spending hours chatting about ‘stuff’ plus we both appreciate Opera. It was thanks to him, I developed my first insights into Philosophy.

But growing up as a daughter of an artist teacher and consequently inheriting some of her skills for drawing and painting, when I finally went to uni, I ended up chosing Arts instead. I was bored after 6 months and the only class I truly enjoyed was an extra curricular on ‘introduction into philosophy’. I left the course when that class ended.

In 2013 I realised I was old enough to finally make my own mind and study philosophy for good and thats what I did. I was offered a place in Brighton to do Philosophy,Politics and Ethics. I loved the philosophical aspect of the course, but still, something was missing. It wasn't philosophical enough, I though!(sarc…hahah… : (

I left the uni after year one and decided to find the right course. I search for many universities in London offering different programs and almost committed to some…But, life has dragged me all the way to Winchester and it was here, were I found perfection in the most unexpected place.

Since then, it has been 4 years and I can only say that, true Philosophy, taught by exceptional people is addictive! You do not wish to stop; you need more and more and perhaps the best way to get some kind of satisfaction is to continuing passing on. My learning has been so inspiring that now I am in the middle of a MA and planing to follow up by a PhD.

When you find people who can convey their knowledge with passion,(as I hope I do) you will enter into a fascinating, complex, mysterious world and once you step in, you will never be the same old you again!

Diana Brocken

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Can the gap between humans and technology ever be solved?

Hi everyone! Good news! Finally got a place for our first seminar. It will be in the Purple room, at the Albany in London. The date is the 28th of September, 2-4pm. There are 13 spaces available. If you really wish to come, message me. For those who have contacted me already tickets are available to buy and they will include tea and coffe. Any other questions just message me. Looking forward meeting you all! D x

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