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WooCommerce Meetup June

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This month we are going to be hearing from two superb characters, Elliot and Brent.

1. A peak behind the curtain of WooCommerce Extension Development | Brent Sheperd (

The classic 1939 Wizard or Oz movie featured an unforgettable scene. After an adventure in search of a way home, Judy Garland, playing the hapless Dorothy, arrived to find the great and powerful Oz. Upon meeting the great Wizard, Dorothy smelt a rat and pulled back a green curtain. She was surprised by what she found.

In this talk, Brent Shepherd, the original developer of WooCommerce Subscriptions, will play the hapless Dorothy and pull back the curtain on what goes into making one of the largest and most popular WooCommerce extensions.

He'll share the story of the 3 year adventure behind the extension in a way that is accessible (and hopefully entertaining) to both non-technical and technical folks alike. Just as Dorothy was surprised by what she found behind the curtain, you may be too.

2. WooCommerce Growth Hacking ( | Elliot Taylor

"I had a call with a shop owner who was already setup on WooCommerce. They were taking sales but weren’t hitting their growth targets... They were spending lots on Facebook and Google ads but weren’t getting returns. What did I suggest? Split growth into on-site and off-site. Or more crudely: Increasing conversion and growing traffic."

Elliot will share advice on growth hacking for WooCommerce and how to take your store from exiting to awesome.


A big thank you PayPal who are sponsoring this month's meetup, and hosting us at their office in Richmond.

See you on Monday and please honour your RSVP so we can cater and host you well :)