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Our last meetup of the year! We have a developer-focused talk by Stewart talking about the versatility of WooCommerce. See you in November!

Stewart's description:

WooCommerce is an incredibly flexible eCommerce platform thanks to its plugin infrastructure and author community but, what happens when a site needs a ton of non-standard functionality and plugins to interact? Things get messy.

In this talk I will give a break down of how we built ( for the National Trust of Scotland & Union Digital. What plugins we used, what we rolled ourselves and what happend when things went wrong.

- One Page Checkout

- Pay What you want

- Giftaid

- Direct Debits (Custom Order Status, Custom Payment Processor/Gateways, Interacting with WooCommerce's Email system for new processors, Admin Reporting)

- Donator Engagement and content generation during the donation process

- Gifting Donations

- Reporting