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Wicca workshop: Altar, Magical tools & Broom Making

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Price: £9.00 /per person

Wimbledon Windmill Museum

Windmill Road, Wimbledon Common, SW19 5NR · London

How to find us

from Wimbledon or Putney, take the bus No 93. Alight at bus stop `Parkside Hospital'. Go into `Windmill Road' and walk about 10mins to get to the Tea Rooms/cafe and meet us there between 11am-11.15am latest. Workshop begins in woods at 11.30am.

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Dear all, we're starting the 3rd cycle of our Wimbledon Wicca rituals & Training group - with half-a-day outdoor training workshop.

This is an experiential session, covering the following:

• Importance of Altar in Wicca - how to create one ; indoor/outdoors; formal/ informal; directions; seasonal variations/ themes

• Magical tools of wicca - Introduction to -- Athame, sword, white handled knife, (*)wands, scourge, staff, (*)pentacle and more; where to place them on altar; which ones to use, when not to use some tools, (**)Book of Shadows..

• Broom - Why the broom is important. Followed by an introduction work on making your own brooms using materials we find around in the woods.

------Other Wicca Training workshops coming soon)---

(*) We will be running a wand-making workshop & pentacle making workshop in this series in Spring/ summer, covering details, symbology, uses etc for each one.

(**) We will be covering Book of Shadows & creating/Writing Rituals, deity/elemental invocations / devocations and carrying those energies within - in Spring/Summer.


No need to bring anything.. we'll find all we need in the woods..

What you may wish to bring are any special cords / strings you may wish to use to make the broom, as well as any garden secateurs!

Please bear in mind that ..we'll do this in an informal, playful way.. using whatever twigs/ branches we can find..(most will be wet and possibly it may be hard to find nice sturdy pieces..) . But this is practise.

I will also bring a full set of altar tools.. and go through them properly, and lay out a standard wiccan altar.. You may take notes, photos etc for personal use (don't put them up on meetup or facebook etc they are my magical tools.. They are for teaching..not for showing on social media).

Here's a video of me making my own `Nimbus 30' :-) It's an old video that's so simple..yet has had 1000's of views..

Fee: £9 (you can pay online via paypal/credit/debit card Now..(keeps a space for you)


rsvp now ..and pay in person at the workshop by cash - (please only rsvp if you are 100% serious..and not just on half whims. Magic is all about making an intention and carrying it through!!)

meeting point/ Time/ Travel Details:

We meet by the cafe / tea room at `Wimbledon Tea rooms' and will go into nearby woodland area for workshop. If it's wet/ raining, I will put up a Tarp cover, as we have done in previous outdoor workshops.

Please be at Tearooms by 11.00am we can go into the woods, setup and start this workshop at 11.30am...and end at 3pm.

Address: Windmill Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 5NQ

Cafe website:

This place has free car park / toilet facilities.

What to wear / bring:

***Please dress really appropriate for weather! *** Good water-proof coats, proper boots/ shoes / trainers..that are not going to get soaked in mud/ rain. Gloves, scarf. hats; possibly a bag/ ruck sack to put all your belonging and set aside (on the ground, when doing ritual).

Bright Blessings

-Mani Navasothy

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