Past Meetup

Introduction to Wicca- Indoor Course - Central London


Price: £27.00 /per person

Needs a location


Join me in this one-day Indoor course, `Introduction to Wicca' at the oldest occult shop in London, The Atlantis Bookshop. This is a rare occasion - as there are no wicca courses running in central London for many years (last one was run by us several years ago).

Who is this course for?

This course is for beginners, students & seekers who are interested in Wicca & Witchcraft! No previous knowledge or experience is necessary. You only need an open mind, patience and willingness to learn what Wicca is all about - as it has been since Gerald Gardner's time in the 1950s in England to what its evolving now all around the world.. in private initiatory covens & public groups.


• Fee: £27.

• Attendance is only by pre-booking & paying course fee. You may book online here (meetup), on our website (see link at bottom) or in person by visiting Atlantis Bookshop.


Course Delivery :

This one-day course will use explanations, photos/videos/ power point presentation, pathworking and some practical demonstrations of certain parts of wiccan ritual. Full notes of topics covered will be given so you can just focus on listening & learning (rather than busy making notes).


Origins of Modern Wicca; Wiccan Law & principles ; Basic Energy work; Altar & Wiccan Ritual tools; Consecrations, sacred space & casting magic circle; Working with Elements & Quarters; Power raising & witches Rune; Horned God & Moon Goddess; Magic & Spellcraft in Wicca ; Wheel of the year - 8 major Sabbats/ Festivals, their related seasonal myths & rituals; Initiations & Coven life.



• Mani Navasothy - initiated Wiccan High Priest.

• April Jonquil - initiated Wiccan Priestess.


Duration / format / Breaks:

• New Date: (September / October) TBC

• 10.30am - Arrival / Greetings / Intro / Tea & Coffee

• 11am - Main course delivery.

• There will be a 45min lunch break (bring your own sandwiches or visit nearby cafes/shops)

• Course formally ends at 5pm. After packing, you may stay for chats with Tutors. we mostly likely will go to a nearby coffee shop / pub for a bit of socialising & chats.

Recording / photography policy

No recording by phones/ video/ dictaphones.

No photography during course delivery & practise.

Venue / transport:

• address: Atlantis Bookshop, 49A, Museum Street, WC1A 1LY, London

• nearest Tubes : Tottenham Court Road / or Holborn (then 10 min walk).

The Atlantis Bookshop is one of the oldest Occult bookshops (2nd most oldest) in London that is still open. It is owned and run by Gerladin & Bali and has been in their family (except for a brief period in the middle). It has been frequented by many historically significant pagan, magical & occult figures (such as Aleister Crowly!)

• The shop sells magical tools, art & artefacts, as well as thousands of books!

• Our course takes place in the downstairs room (again historical for the many things that have taken place there). There is a small toilet & kitchen area.

• We have been running our indoor Wicca courses at Atlantis Bookshop since 2006 (and few times at Conway Hall).

• British Museum is about 5 mins walking distance from here!

Bright Blessings
-Mani Navasothy