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"It's not me, it's you!" - finding new love with the WordPress Double-O framework

Dave Stewart will introduce and demo the Wordpress "Double-O" framework, a new MVC theme architecture that runs on top of Wordpress and promises to completely revolutionise both your WordPress programming and theme development.

It's structured, configurable, extensible, and supports a revolutionary Model/View architecture, plus a powerful templating language that offers total (or partial – it's up to you) separation of presentation and logic. Not only that but it's been designed from scratch following best practices and modern techniques, leveraging the best of PHP5 to eliminate the common Wordpress hacks and workarounds you've come to take for granted.

If you're a seasoned developer working with real MVC frameworks, this is what you've been waiting for. If you're a WordPress stalwart, or more of a hobby programmer, welcome to a wonderful new world.

This talk will be a 50/50 mix of practical demonstration and technical hands-on.

Advanced Custom Fields - Creating Flexible Content and other cool stuff!

By Kirsty Burgoine

With a heavy focus on theme development, this talk will look at how to build your themes around some of the really cool features Advanced Custom Fields has. Including multi column layouts, using ACF with the Google Maps API, some of the cool things you can do with images, and more.

Giving theme developers greater flexibility to build larger sites yet still making it easy for clients to take control and manage their content.