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New Venue Alert!

We're sad to be leaving Forward, but our March meetup will be held at the awesome Shoreditch Works Village Hall! Props to Ngaire for sorting it out.

The talks:

• Let’s move it! by David Coveney

• GeoDirectory - Concept to Completion by Stiofan O’Conner and Tim Clark

• The Business of Wordpress by Joel Hughes

Let’s move it!
by David Coveney

Migrating WordPress sites, from server to server, or from domain to domain, is a remarkably fraught experience. There are a few ways to do this painlessly. In this talk I give a rundown on the ways to move WordPress websites around, where it all goes horribly wrong, and how to make sure you don’t lose anything in the process.

David Coveney

David Coveney is the boss at interconnect/it in Liverpool. He’s the boss because he’s the worst coder on the team and is also willing to stand up and talk to people. He’s also old, has been round the IT block a few times, and without too much prompting will probably ramble on about how he’s seen it all before and that we can learn a lot from how things were done on old machines. (

GeoDirectory - Concept to Completion
by Stiofan O’Conner and Tim Clark

GeoDirectory is a plugin that lets you build a location based directory. It offers the ability for front end users to add and update listings from the front end. It also takes advantage of site visitors being able to add ratings and reviews. This talk will give an insight into building the GeoDirectory plugin and its uses.

Stiofan O’Conner

Stiofan is the lead Developer of WPGD, and coordinated the design and building of this amazing Plugin. Stiofan will give an insight into the technical aspects of what it took to build and release this complex project.


Tim Clark

Forum moderator on and developer of geo location based directories, Tim has experience in building money making websites for clients and will be giving an insight into the new plugin, and its many uses.


The Business of Wordpress
by Joel Hughes

My business uses Wordpress a lot to help meet client's website needs. This talk is not techy but, instead, will touch on the business side of building & selling Wordpress websites. Aside from discussing lessons learnt along the way, Joel will also drift off into his (probably wrong) predictions about the future of Wordpress and web publishing.

Joel's company makes websites & he's been in the game for a long old time. He was wrestling with IE3 (yes 3!) and table based layouts whilst many of the current generation of coders were still on the potty. Whilst this means he is old & decrepit, it does also mean that he has lots of experience which he's more than willing to share.

Joel has been in permanent roles (American Express, British Airways), has contracted, has freelanced at agencies & has now been working for himself, and now managing a team, for over 13 years.

Joel's current website is at ( but that is subject to change as his business is on the move.

He also runs the Port80 web & 'The Business of Web Design' conferences in South Wales ( & ).

He is married to Jess, has two children (Lily & Gene) and one cat (Mr Pickles).

@Joel_Hughes (Twitter or Instagram)