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September WordPress London Meetup

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Collaborating with teams through Wordpress and asking 'do we even need the admin interface?' will be our focus this month. Missed a #wpldn recently? Catch up at

How we created Google Docs-style editing for WordPress posts and pages.

Poetica ( is a beta WordPress plugin that inserts Google Docs-style collaboration into your WordPress posts and pages.

Co-founder and CEO, Anna Maybank, and full-stack engineer, Abby Millward, are going to talk about how they’ve rethought collaboration, from both a technical and design perspective, and why they think improving the editor experience in WordPress is so important for keeping up with changing user expectations.

They’ll also demo the plugin and talk about some of the challenges of working with TinyMCE..

Presented by Anna Maybank ( & Abby Millward ( Anna is the co-founder and CEO of Poetica. Previously, she co-founded Bethnal Green Ventures, who invest in and support early stage ventures that are using technology to solve social problems.
Abby is a full-stack engineer at Poetica. Previously, she worked at games company and makers of Runescape, Jagex. She’s also a pro-knitter and creator of the knitting pattern making tool, Chart Minder ( Follow Anna @annamaybank ( & Abby @amillward (

Is the wp-admin interface dead?

With the rise of WP-API and WP-CLI plugin developers can no longer assume that a user is interacting with WordPress from the admin interface. In this talk Tim looks at new approaches to developing plugins in our new potentially admin less world and asks the question, do we even need the admin interface?

Presented by Tim Nash ( Tim is an author, consultant and trainer, best known for his work with WordPress. He writes for the occasional magazine, publishes videos and occasionally podcasts. His site and his work within the WordPress is funded through corporate patrons and individuals. With their funding he is able to travel the UK giving talks. Follow him @tnash (

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