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October WordPress London Meetup

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Dan M.


Same venue, new room so keep an eye out for the orange signs when you arrive! The room number will be on here when confirmed with the venue. (The building entrance is still the temporary one to the left too.)

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WordPress SEO for haters.

SEO is a dirty word, tarnished by years of bad practice and self-defined 'gurus'. But should it be ignored by developers?
Keith argues the case for taking SEO seriously when building WordPress websites. He also gives his top 'hater-friendly' tips for SEO on WordPress. It's easier (and harder) than people might think.

Presented by Keith Devon ( Keith is a freelance WordPress developer who develops custom WordPress websites focused on business goals. If he's not coding, he's probably riding his bike. Follow him @keithdevon (

Fired Up For Business?

Your energy and productivity are crucial for business success. Health is fundamental to your energy and productivity.

• Feel like you’re living in the fast lane?
• Energy levels on the floor?
• You’re surviving rather than thriving?

Rachel demystifies the mire of confusion about health, and shares her own “4 Pillars of Vitality” that are essential for living a healthy lifestyle.

Presented by Rachel McGuinness ( Rachel helps her clients embrace the core principles of living a healthy lifestyle without fads, gimmicks or strict regimes. She works both with private individuals and large companies, inspiring, educating and showing them how to live healthily. She helps them put the zest back into their lives and organisations with quick, simple and sustainable techniques. Follow her @ZestLifestyle (

Websockets + WP = Magic

WordPress and Websockets what type of dark magic is this? The darkest, with the power of WordPress and Ratchet ( ), we can harness the magic of realtime and push WordPress in unforeseen directions..

Presented by Dan Westall ( Dan is a developer who spends a lot of his time working with WordPress and using WordPress for Esports. Follow him @danwestall_

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St John Street, · London, EC1V 4PB
4 spots left