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WH Makers Meetup #1
Meet other Working Holiday visa makers. Extend your network. Practice a foreign language. Register online (for safety and security reasons you'll need to give your full name and email address. This information is required by We Work to access their premises. We will not use this information for anything else) Step 1: Introduce yourself to one of our organisers and pay £5 cash. Step 2: Get yourself a drink and talk to people. You'll be given some ice-breakers to strike a conversation with other members. Step 3: At 7pm, we get things started, proper! You'll be sat at different tables to get to know new friends. Step 4: A company that can help you with your expatriation will present their services (10 minute presentation - 5 minute Q&A) Step 5: We're mixing up things a bit. At 7.45, tables are shuffled and you can have a chat with people who come from the country you want to visit (time to test your language skills then! ;) ) Step 6: At 8.30 the meetup is officially finished. It is time to have a last drink and exchange business cards or phone numbers with your new friends.

Needs a location