What we're about

A friendly and sociable group for photographers of all abilities who want to grow their skills and knowledge in a friendly and nurturing environment.

A mix of studio and location based portrait shoots with great models as well as more specific and targeted Meetups designed to give a better understanding of how the camera and lights work, with lots of hands on experience and helpful advice at all times.

Studio Workshops
Our studio workshops will be your chance to shoot with professional models and develop skills in lighting and scene building along with interacting and directing models. Some sessions will be targeted at complete beginners in the studio to other 'meet the model' style shoots, where you have more creative control. There will always be someone there to assist and guide you through the process should you need it.

Location Workshops
Our location based workshops will take small groups to different London based locations giving you a chance to work with professional models in the great outdoors using natural light as well as continuous and off-camera flash. Shooting one at a time will allow you to focus on directing the model to get shots that are unique to you as well as the opportunity to chat and get to know the others in the group.

Tutorial Workshops
Our tutorial workshops are designed for those who haven't yet ventured into areas of photography as yet unknown to them. Be that wanting to move from Automatic to Manual setting on your camera, try your hand at long exposure photography or even regress back to film photography, the list is almost endless.

Past events (4)

Two Models, Multi-level Studio, Full Day Shooting

VENTH Studios London

Gladrags, Sunset & Sphinx

Crystal Palace Overground Station

Spring Fashion Amongst The Palace Ruins

Crystal Palace Overground Station


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