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Go to jive party at the Rivoli with a good swing band
Jive party is the liveliest regular dance venue I know. There is always a big band and the standard is high. Often they have 11 piece bands, tickets are fifteen pounds, the bar is pub prices, it's open until around 1 am, so I think it's a good deal. But, it's not strictly ballroom, it's swing, so i maybe it shouldn't be on this list. However, if one gets there when the doors open at 8 pm, one can do quickstep and maybe a foxtrot or cha cha or even a rumba, before the floor starts to fill, and is eventually flooded by a rather undisciplined jive lesson which last for for half an hour and involves around 100 punters under the age of forty, most of whom shout conversations to each other non stop, or scream and giggle, while this lesson is happening, giving one an idea of how awful it must have been to be a teacher over the past thirty years in British schools. The Rivoli is rightly strict about numbers, and I have seen punters waiting outside for over an hour before they could get in, so do buy a ticket in advance from 'We got tickets'. Only about half the punters can dance jive or lindy hop, which seems odd But the bands are good and it's fun and friendly, if you can jive yourself, you can ask any one to dance with you, and many are happy to find someone who can. There's a huge dance floor, an efficient cloakroom, the place is well ventilated and the bar staff are fast and professional, as are the doormen vigilant. The trains from Victoria are clean, warm and run on time. I will take some new photos, soon George Tudor Hart

Rivoli Ballroom

350 Brockley Road · London

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Here is an on line diary of balls and ballroom dance venues in London for ballroom and Latin dancers who want to meet and dance with other dancers at glamorous London balls and dances. Only ballroom dance venues are on this site, not lessons or dance schools. All are within Greater London, UK. Anyone can join, it's free, there's no advertising, and if you join you will get e-mail updates which tells you when a new dance events has been listed. You can unsubscribe at any time

We give information on ticket prices, how and where to buy them, how to get to the venue by public transport, bar prices, the type of music that will be played and a description of the dance band. I haven't listed most of the scores of tea dances that happen in Greater London every week which are generally held on Monday to Friday afternoons, and cost around £5 which includes a cup of tea. Many of the best ones are tea dances run by Mr Wonderful who has a website with a list of all his tea dances.

The purpose of my web site is to make available information about places for ballroom dancers to go, meet like minded people who like dancing, and dance. I don't do any kind of social introduction programme, but I do hope this web site will help and encourage both proficient and would new dancers to go out and try some new places and venues in London.

I welcome information on any venues which our readers think is suitable to include on this web site. Please e- mail me details, and I will check them out. My e mail address is

I attempt to visit the all of these venues myself. I take photos and post them onto this site to give our members a better idea of what the various places are like. I also write a brief subjective review about how I found the decor, drinks, food, cloakroom, dancing, atmosphere and my fellow guests- which sometimes offends. Anyone may, of course, enter their own comments about any venue on this site, and provided it is constructive criticism, it will be accessible for all to read.

Our definition of 'Ballroom dances' to qualify for listing includes waltz, quickstep, tango and slow foxtrot and also the Latin dances- rumba, cha cha, jive and samba. If it's a particularly spectacular event we also occasionally list some lindy hop, swing and argentinean tango venues, especially if they are in period dress or black tie events, have live music and if some ballroom dancing is possible within the style of the music to be played.

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