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What is it about? I'm a naturopathic nutritionist ( http://www.anyadutton.com ) and I have been using anti-inflammatory ketogenic and paleo diet & lifestyle programmes with my patients for many years. Most of my patients suffer from one or more chronic illnesses such as autoimmune disease, cancer, neurological / degenerative conditions - but inflammation worsens ALL health outcomes, take for example atopy (asthma, eczema, hayfever) from which so many people suffer: a great many people could benefit from following just a few basic rules to lower inflammation in their lifestyles and diet. And despite the growing availability of information on the internet on ketogenic and paleoy nutrition, my patients often have questions or are confused about specific aspects of their nutrition. This group will offer a positive environment to discuss such questions and address all & any aspects and experiences specifically re. ketogenic, paleo & anti-inflammatory nutrition.

Why this meetup? I have been using anti-inflammatory ketogenic or paleo type diets with my patients for many years and having seen the impact it can make, I am so so excited to help spread the word and share my and my patients' experiences. Those of you just looking for immediate answers or recipe suggestions may want to head over to my facebook page, set up originally just for my patients but it now has over 5000 followers and is one of the bigger ketogenic pages on facebook - you can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/ketogenics .

Thankfully, there now is an increasing public awareness of the benefits of keto and/or paleo diets as a means of supporting patients suffering from conditions ranging from conditions involving chronic pain to those involving neurological degeneration, from a great number of autoimmune diseases to even cancer. Fortunately there has been a flurry of interest over the past 2 years and publications such as keto cookbooks for cancer patients, paleo recipes for dementia & Parkinson's etc. can now be found in mainstream bookstores. Inflammation is trickier to pin down - it is a 'fluffy' concept and inflammatory factors lurk in countless corners of our lives, from food to clothing, from cookware to cosmetics, from workplace set-ups to poorly manufactured food supplements... the list is endless! As an "inflammation detective", I work with my patients to identify all those sources of inflammation in their lives to help them eliminate as much as possible of those contributors to inflammation in their bodies.

Who should join? Anyone with interest in Ketogenic or Paleo type nutrition

How about meeting up? It would be great if we could gather enough people to have a first meeting. I have access to a hall in Central East London which we could use, but naturally open to other options.

About me. I work as a naturopathic nutritionist with focus on supporting cancer patients alongside their traditional medical treatment. And I use a specialised antiinflammatory ketogenic diet with 90% of my patients. My professional website is http://www.anyadutton.com .

Note of caution: In some instances a ketogenic diet is not suitable, so please check with a qualified practitioner before implementing any new form of diet or nutrition plan.

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Ketogenic diets in cancer: Share experiences, ask questions, support each other

My hope for this meetup is to bring together a group of people who have experience or want to gain experience of using an anti-inflammatory ketogenic diet alongside cancer treatment, cancer recovery, or as a maintenance programme whilst in remission.

I would really like for awareness of such a regimen to increase among cancer patients, and for more patients to find out how it can potentially benefit them. I am not suggesting it is right for everyone; but if you know about it, you can at least consider it, research it, you might even try it out from one scan to the next and see what the impact might be for you.

If you are interested, please sign up; I hope that we can find enough members to get a first meeting going. If you have any questions please click on 'send message' or you can contact me by email, there's a contact form on my website www.anyadutton.com (http://www.anyadutton.com/contact.html).

NB. I do not claim to cure cancer. I do also not intend to give personalised medical advice during meetings (this would be illegal).

Paleo, Ketogenic & anti-inflammatory living - open Question & Answer session

An open question and answer session on ketogenic, paleo & anti-inflammatory nutrition & lifestyle issues, led by experienced naturopathic nutritionist Anya Dutton ( http://www.anyadutton.com ).
If you are interested in either of these and have any questions or are simply curious to learn more or meet similarly minded people, please come along.

I am looking to run this meetup one evening at a venue in London soon. Please sign up to get updates on date & venue.

I have no agenda other than helping people achieve their goeals and answering any questions: Not selling anything, not marketing anything :-).

Date: TBC
Venue: TBC

Cost: £5 to cover venue hire - refundable if cancelled or rescheduled or you are otherwise unable to attend

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