Overcome your SHYNESS with other ladies and gents who feel SHY. (35 to 55)

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Do you know that over 50% of our members think of themselves as being SHY, NERVOUS, ANXIOUS or INSECURE around people and especially around strangers in a social setting? They say that they struggle to make conversation, feel timid and are worried about making a poor impression on others. They say that they are lonely and isolated and don't go out as often as they would like to and have fewer close and intimate friends. If you also feel this way then you are not alone. More than half of all humanity feel the same way! SHYNESS has to be faced as it can slowly but surely become a prison of loneliness.

Lots of people have been shy or lonely for some of their life but have learned to manage the counterproductive thinking, self-talk, and behaviors which feed their shyness. They have practiced their communication skills, learned a reliable process, experimented different approaches and come up with ways to be more comfortable and confident in meeting new people, making conversation and making new friends.

Come and join us as we have secured the fantastic Mrs. Fogg's on Broadgate Circle near Liverpool Street station this Wednesday, where the atmosphere is peaceful and cozy which is perfect to meet other people and mingle with like minded individuals!

What's more - First 10 members to arrive at the venue will receive a FREE welcome drink!

Please click on the link below:
Fatsoma: https://fatso.ma/KOoc
Eventbrite: https://shylondon.eventbrite.co.uk

We have decided that we should host meetups which will help shy people by providing a safe and secure social group and environment where they can confront their fears with others who feel the same way and slowly but surely overcome their shyness.

Please come and attend this meetup only if
1) You think you are SHY, NERVOUS, ANXIOUS or INSECURE around people
2) If you were feeling the above in the past and have overcome them
3) If you are a professional who helps SHY people address it.

We will make the situation as conducive as possible

1) We have our own reserved quiet space for our group.
2) Our host will welcome you warmly when you come and help you get comfortable.
3) Our host will also introduce you to one or two of the other attendees so that you can warm up and get even more comfortable.
4) You will meet with other attendees who are also in the same mind frame as you are or have had the experience before and so you will gain a lot through your interactions.
5) You would not have to fear anyone making any judgments, passing comments or making you feel negative in any way.
6) You will be on your way to making new friends with like-minded people who have similar experiences and by attending regularly be able to overcome your fears and shyness.
7) Please be aware that this is not a therapy session but it may be very helpful for you to experiment with any overcoming or coping methods you may be trying out.

Few key points:

- Our area is booked for MEETUP/Tony and we will have low background music earlier on so we can mingle chat and get to know each other.

- First 10 members to arrive at the venue will receive a FREE welcome drink!

-We are not a dating group. Our group is created to help ladies and gents meet other like minded ladies and gents and make new friends. This could be for singles or for those who are not single. Please do not attend our event if a perfect gender balance is important for your enjoyment of our meet-up.


Early Bird tickets - £5 each
Regular tickets - £10 each

If you do not purchase your cheaper advance tickets then you can attend and pay £15 Cash to Tony at the meetup.

Please click on the link below:
Fatsoma: https://fatso.ma/KOoc
Eventbrite: https://shylondon.eventbrite.co.uk

- Dress code - Smart casual

- ID- Please be sure to carry Government issued ID.

This meetup is organised with www.connectwithlocals.com. Please watch the video below to see why you should attend our meetups.