What we're about

About the addiction sharing&healing group

With this group I am creating a space for those who are suffering of any kind of addiction and those relating to an addict.

Through conscious enquiry we focus on understanding the process of addiction and most importantly, we shift your attention to the possibilities you can make to find another way to live without your addiction. If you knew another way, I am sure you would choose it. No one wants to consciously hurt himself if he could find a way to fill the emptiness he is seeking to fill.

In this group I encourage you to see 'another way' to live your life, another way to find this fulfillment you experience momentarily when taking drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, food, etc...

This group is for both parties, those suffering of an addition and for those who are close to an addict and want to learn to truly help them instead of becoming a victim as well.

I am inviting you into a space that is safe, judgement FREE, open and honest!

About Sharing Presence teachings


Jason created his teachings in 2008 and the essence of his sharing is to learn to share your true self, to share the very essence of your being and being able to relate consciously with yourself and other human beings. He explores and teaches through the experience of a connection that is beyond our usual way of relating. It is incredibly healing, touching and you will always feel peaceful !

visit http://www.sharingpresence.net for more details regarding the Sharing Presence teachings from Jason Lee Mitchell

Sharing Presence Workshops

The Sharing Presence workshop can take place in many forms and variations. It can address many aspects of our lives, but the essence of our sharing is always the same. We focus on what is primary above all doing and that is BEING, as we are human BEINGS.

By shifting our attention to our "being" we begin to share the essence of any human connection. And from that space of unity all activities we practice become powerful, creative and healing. We discover the act of true "sharing" which is the end for EGO driven actions that cause separation.


Give a donation:

All suggested Donations meet the cost for space, advertising, etc. being able to provide our Sharing Presence teachings on a weekly basis and giving everyone the possibilty to join regardless to their financial circumstances. I believe there should be no reason why someone could not join to share their presence because of a condition they cannot meet.

Our sharing and teaching originates from a space of unconditional love and continues to do so with your support.

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