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Angels Investment Show 15, Watch, Pitch or Network

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Angels Investment Show 15, Watch, Pitch or Network


Due to popularity & success of the Angels Investment Show, we are now organising the third version of the Angels Investment Event. Join us for watching, pitching or for networking with entrepreneurs & investors.

We have 4 savvy Angels investors ready to hear your pitch and invest in your business; if our Angel investors like your project! Successful startups will receive an investment as a loan or % of equity. The event would be filmed & televised.

Limited tickets are allocated to this group. Please buy tickets ASAP at the bottom of this page OR clicking on this link:

You should look at your £100 pitching cost as an opportunity:
to get potential investment offers from the panelist
to make a close relationship with investors

Our 4 Angel investors:
Investing from £20,000 up to £3,000,000
Investing from £50,000 to £3,000,000.
Investing from £50,000
Watch the video of the previous Angels Investment Show event

2 Start-ups have the opportunity to pitch their project for 10 minutes in total: 10 minutes pitching and a further 10 minutes for question & answer. If investors are convinced, then they may offer you the investment or an investment package subject to due diligence. You can sign initial agreement or contract in person at the event or progress the talks later. After the main pitching Event (10 pitching) you can use the "30 seconds elevator pitch" to pitch your business to Angel investors & audience investors, for consideration of investment; We expect there to be people in the audience who may also be able to help your business.

What businesses need to prepare for pitching?

Proof of Concept: proof they have something your targeted customers want. The best way to prove that is existing sales.
A valuation that stacks up.
For example: someone who says I need £50k and offering 10% values their company at £500k but if no sales are made and it is still in its infancy the company is not worth anywhere near £500k. That puts investors off straight away.

For normal example: "you have made £50k in sales and a profit of £20k, given the industry, basing it on a multiple of 6 x earnings so, the business is valued at £300k (6 x 50k) and you need £50k and you therefore offering a 17% stake in your business."

However, the decision on offering equity % and accepting any offer by any investors is a business decision to be considered after taking the necessary guidance from your professional advisers. If in doubt please seek legal advise before proceeding.

Event program:
5.30pm Event Opens – guest arrival, networking, exhibition and drinks
6.00 Reza (organizer) welcoming introduction. Presenter to start Welcome and Intro
7:00 Pitch Event – 2 pitches are given (10 minutes each) Investors introduction to the stage, Q&A, investment declaration
8.00 Continues of exhibition & networking

2 businesses pitching each for 10 minutes, then Angel investors question them max 10 minutes. In 10 minutes you must tell:

Name --->Project concept ---> proof of success ---->% proposal to investors
We believe exhibiting or selling SHOULD NOT COST £1000s. Book an exhibition spot (banner spot) for only £50.

FREE entry, Join 500+ entrepreneurs attending,
Sell or promote to 500+ entrepreneur attendees
Sell or promote to 1,000 businesses with office in Moorgate WeWork office spaces, Receive great offers, FREE refreshment for all, Receive investment, FREE business advice, 40+ exhibitors, ONE YEAR FREE accounting!

Banner space is limited, book asap here on the floorplan or button of this page.

Workshops & event's format:
5;30pm to 6;30pm Networking + one minute pitch to all
6;30pm to 7;00pm ---> 7;00pm to 7;30 pm -->7;30pm to 8;00pm
8;00pm to 8;30pm----> 8;30pm to 9;00pm--> 9;00pm CLOSING

We look forward to seeing you!
Contact: 07591020664,
· London
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