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1 Cousin Lane · London

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👕look for yellow t-shirts with the GLUG logo

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Hi London Gophers! 👋

Looks like its time to leap into another London Gophers this month. Guess we have something in common with the year? Can't wait to see you there!

As usual, if you can't make it for the main event join us for social drinks after the main event or watch Live on our YouTube channel https://youtube.com/londongophers

🗣 Alice Cheung - Go Scratch Tensorflow

So you have a brand new shiny machine learning model, but now you need to get real time predictions from it at scale. A number of options exist; starting at the basic python serving your results, maybe use a hosted cloud offering, or do you roll your own way and make a bespoke scratch Golang image with a custom compiled Tensorflow C library.

Is the juice worth the squeeze?

We'll compare the startup time, docker image size, serving time and security of the different options.

🗣 ⚡️Dom Green - What's new in Go1.14

Everybody on board the release train ... 🚂 choo, choo!

With the release of Go1.14 just days away, this will give a whirlwind tour of what changes are happening in the language, tooling and libraries that make up the Go language.

🗣 Ilan Pillemer - How do I visualise data I know nothing about?

In this talk Ilan will walk through how he used Kubernetes, Micro Services, DevOps tooling and Semantic databases to build a system to visualise unknown data in meaningful ways.


📜 All London Gophers events operate under the Go Community Code of Conduct - https://golang.org/conduct

💼 Jobs - #london-jobs (slack) and https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/london-gophers (email list)

🏆 Everyone attending the event will have a chance to win a JetBrains license valid for a year!

📣 If you'd like to give a talk at a future meetup, don't be shy! We are always looking for new speakers who want to share their adventures with Go and have mentors who can help. Do get in touch! We’ll be happy to support you and offer advice if needed 🙂.

👏🏻 Recurring Sponsors

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