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The London Society for the Furtherance of Polite Amusement (aka The London Society of Fun) is a society devoted to what in some circles is known as 'fun'. It takes advantage of the marvellous cultural opportunities available in London. Samuel Johnson, Isaac Newton, Oscar Wilde - they would all have been members had the society existed when they were alive*. We have eclectic interests, meeting up to visit museums and galleries, watch unusual films and plays and enjoy the sort of one-off events that only turn up in big cities. But we also wander aimlessly through London streets, stopping to take photos or sketch and snap street fashions. There may even be the occasional picnic at a cricket match or wine tasting. Maybe a cafe-crawl to find London's best scone. You get the idea. Laid back, fun and un-po-faced. We're linked to the culture website The Flaneur (www.flaneur.london) - after meet ups you can add your opinions about what you've seen to our podcast if you want to. As well as Londoners we offer a big welcome to newcomers or visitors to London who want to see a bit of town with locals. Most meet ups will be free. You might not be interested in all of our events - pick the ones you like. All gentlemen and gentlewomen welcome. That is all - until I think of something else. Hope this is editable...

*This is pure conjecture.

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