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Men who would like to connect with other men through soft and caring touch are very welcome.

These workshops will offer you the opportunity to meditate, massage yourself and others in a safe, friendly and naturist environment.

There may be an undressing ritual but you can keep your underwear on if you wish. Personal boundaries are respected and you only give or receive what you are comfortable with. We talk about consent and boundaries in the beginning of each meeting.

Each session may vary slightly depending on the group experience and willingness to engage. Pairs will follow and copy me massaging a model. Sessions usually start with gentle exercises and meditation to break the ice and create a friendly and fun atmosphere. Afterwards, we can carry on to more erotic strokes and possibly more intimate touching (genital and anal massage).

Please bear in mind that suggestions are optional and you engage on what you feel comfortable with.

There will be breaks from time to time and everything is provided. However, you may want to bring a bath towel and your own yoga mat.

The participants will be encourage to have a deeper connection with their own bodies and stimulate their sexual energy levels and spread them to their whole bodies. Tantra was created from the belief that if you are sexually happy and relaxed then your health will benefit. The Hindus describe Tantra as achieving personal growth through pleasurable existence. The massage itself does tend to cause orgasms, BUT these are described as a bonus rather than the aim.

You will need to be close to the floor (sometimes sitting or kneeling) while massaging your partner (extra support using towels or yoga blocks is possible). Then, you should be fit enough to be in such positions for about 20 minutes at a time. Please ask me if you are unsure you are fit enough to do that.

At present sharings take place in a private studio in Ealing Broadway.

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Tantric Connections for Men

Walpole Park, Mattock Lane,


We will do exercises and rituals standing up, lying down or seating on chairs, mats or cushions. Exercises involve moments of stillness, guided meditation, breathing techniques, body movement, pelvic exercises, toning techniques (making sounds), light touching (yourself and others) and so forth. Couples are welcome to join us, they can do the pair exercises together if they wish. Also you can come on your own and pair up with other participants. You are encouraged to have an open heart and mind and pair up with as many different men as you can since each person has a different energy and contribution to your own personal journey. We will explore the concepts of personal boundaries and consent through gentle touch in a friendly and safe environment. This CLOTHED workshop is open to any man regardless of their experience with meditation and tantra. Moreover, it is a good introduction for those who wish to attend my other tantric events. This can be a very spiritual and sensual experience but not physically sexual. Cost £15 for the first 3 participants who pay £20 afterwards I advertise in different platforms so other participants may sign up for this event and not be shown on this page. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. João [masked] P.S. Arrivals at 7 (but not before ) to start at 7:30 pm ( time to settle, have some tea and chat to other participants). If 4 participants or less, the gathering will end at 8:30 pm at 9:20 pm closing circle Please bear in mind NO entrance after 7:30 pm or refunds are offered

Deeper Closer Higher

Cernache do Bonjardim

Tantra is a rich map of teachings and practices that guide us home to the truth of who we are; beings of love and light. Tantra allows us to recognise, remember and rise to meet our full potential. It teaches us how to open our hearts, to welcome and honour all that we are and how to move into freedom from self-judgement, self-criticism and a lack of self-love. As the light of self-love and self-acceptance shines within us, so can we see it shine in another. And on and on this light grows, illuminating all that come into contact with it. Join experienced teachers Andy and João in Central Portugal as they guide you gently and skilfully into the remarkable world of Tantra against the stunning backdrop of the lush, green countryside of Portugal. Beneath the warm sun of early summer, feel your body and soul open joyfully to mindful movement, yoga*, breathwork, chanting, meditation, partner and group work and massage. Be nourished and rejuvenated on all levels and find deep connection with yourself and within a welcoming community of fellow bliss and truth seekers. http://www.tantricjourney4men.co.uk/#12 This retreat is for you if: You are looking to integrate your sexuality and spirituality and open up to a deepening awareness of who you are You love the idea of getting back to nature, feeling the sun on your naked skin, wild swimming, roaming through woodland, stargazing and sharing around the fire pit You want to hang out with like-minded, warm-hearted gay and bi men and experience the joy, connection and healing that arises in community You want to enjoy and celebrate your body through movement, touch and massage You are looking to expand your awareness of what your body, mind and spirit are capable of You are ready for an adventure, to take risks, grow beyond your comfort zone and discover new ways of delighting in who you are A typical day: 8am yoga* and meditation 9.30am breakfast 11.00am tantric touch workshop 1.30pm lunch FREE TIME + optional activities 6.30pm dinner 8pm tantric touch workshop This schedule may change *The yoga will be for active beginners and improvers so you will need to be relatively fit, healthy and active. Andy draws on his experience with hatha vinyasa yoga to instruct in a mindful, flowing practice that is both subtle and physical. More details on http://www.tantricjourney4men.co.uk/#12

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Up Down & All Around (Sexual Energy Exploration)

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