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Discover How You Can Quickly Become a Confident Speaker

An introductory workshop carefully crafted to help you appreciate the causes of why people have a fear of speaking in public and the steps to remove them, allowing you to become a more confident speaker and presenter.

This workshop is perfect for you if you’re now going to be making speeches or delivering presentations, would like to feel confident in meetings and interviews or have full control of your nerves so you feel more comfortable speaking in public.

Whatever the situation, you'll learn the processes to always be able to speak with composure and confidence.

During the full series of workshops, to grow and develop your powerful presenting skills, you’ll receive constant and immediate personal feedback on how well you've doing and how you can develop to be even better.

This will all be done in a safe, supportive, friendly environment where we’ll be encouraging and helping one another to grow and succeed to be more confident public speakers.

What You Will Learn from Attending The Workshop Series -

√ Powerful techniques help overcome your fear of public speaking.

√ Understand causes of public speaking nerves and how to remove them.

√ A magical process to create a fast, effective speech when put ‘on the spot’.

√ How to make the audience feel part of your presentation.

√ How to quickly and effectively gain the attention of your audience.

√ The critical steps to take before you start creating your presentation.

At the end of this course you will have -

√ Discovered simple steps to destroy the fear of public speaking.

√ Created and delivered successful speeches.

√ Gained experience in speaking in front of others.

√ Learned how to stop undermining your own credibility.

√ How to be an authentic speaker.

√ Always feel confident when speaking in public

What’s Included?

√ Instruction by expert facilitators.

√ Small, interactive classes.

√ Specialised manual and course materials.

√ Personalised certificate of completion.

When you attend these interactive, fun workshops, you're guaranteed to learn effective and powerful new skills that will make you a more confident, confident public speaker and presenter. Lifelong skills that will forever help you in your career and business.

This workshop is open to everyone looking to become a more confident public speaker and presenter.