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Welcome to `London Woodland Witches, Wiccans & Pagans community'. We are open to beginners and seekers looking for personal magical or spiritual development. We truly believe that being regularly outdoors and attuning to powers of nature is magically powerful & empowering! We also feel that being in the company of magical & sincere people and participating in ceremonies builds energy, trust & friendships that are fulfilling.

Since 2004, We have been organising Outdoor full moon/new moon rituals, Seasonal festive gatherings, special ceremonies, and Training courses & workshops. Our subject matters include Wicca & witchcraft, Paganism, ritual magic, high magic, planetary magic, Shamanic events, Herbs & Oil craft, Tarot, Runes, Psychic development, eco-magic and more. We also organise some Pagan moots/ socials, as well as attend festivals outside London. Since May 2020, we have a regular and varied events (rituals, socials & courses) online as zoom/ video sessions.

• Religious Tolerance: We respect all World religions and we believe there are many spiritual paths to the divine. However, our meetup events are strongly and exclusively based on practices of Pagan spirituality - such as Wicca, Druids, Norse, Ancient Egyptian, Hindu, Celtic, Native Amerindians, ancient Greek & Roman and other polytheistic pantheons. we have a right to practice our own Pagan paths, without the threat of any malicious or vexatious intrusions by observers of other religions.

Here are some Pagan/Magical basics we work with:

• " An it Harm none, do what you Will". This teaches us personal responsibility & awareness about consequences of our mundane or magical actions.

• "As Above. So Below. As within. So without" - principles of Divination & Magic are enshrined in this.

• "Know Thy Self" - striving to work on our own self, learning, shadows, fears, projections, ego, inner child issues - helps us develop a stronger clearer spiritual self.

• Horned God & Triple Moon Goddess - Wiccans, Withes & Pagans see the divine power as a both male and female. We also see the God & Goddess as taking on many many forms and worship/ honour different ones at various seasonal ceremonies (Brigit, Gaia, Pan, Cernunnos, Green man, Aries, Hern, Diana the Huntress, Isis, Sekhmet, Thor, Odin, Freya, Shiva, Luxmi, Hecate, Selene and hundreds more!).

• Elements & Pentagram - We work magically and transpersonally with Air, Fire, Water, Earth, as well as Spirit and mark these on the 5-pointed Pentagram. They connect with our mind, body, spirit, emotions, intuitions, actions and Will.

• Ceremonies begin with meditation/ attunement, proceed with purification/ consecrations, energy raising and deity work. We do ritual magic for our own well-being and for world, and conclude with blessing of food & drinks. There then follows socials & chats to bond and make friendships.

• Wicca - Those interested in modern history of Wicca should read about the work done by Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente, Alex & Maxine Sanders, Charge of the Goddess, Wiccan rede and more. We recommend you begin with books by world renowned wiccan authors such as Dr Vivianne Crowly (Wicca Old religion in New millennium), Janet & Steward Farrar (Witches Bible), Doreen Valiente (Witchcraft for Tomorrow, ABC of Witchcraft).

**** IMPORTANT NOTE**** we DO NOT ALLOW filming, note taking, recordings, interviews at our events (if in doubt, contact organisers!). This meetup is NOT for nudism, sex magic/cults, Satanism, Dark Magic, Left hand path etc. We have a NO DRUGS POLICY for all our events . Organizers will ask anyone disruptive to leave our events. If problems persist, Police will be called. ** **

About Mani - Founder of London Woodland Witches -------

Gardnerian Initiated Wiccan/ Witch & High Priest with over 25 years of Craft & Coven experiences in London, UK. He is well known to Pagan Federation and other organisations & communities in London. Mani is a published Author with books such as `Eclipse Magic Workbook (2012), Coven Guide: How to become an initiated Witch, Astrology for Eclipse Magicians, Halloween Rites, Yule Rites, Elephantom Origins: Birth of an eco hero (children's graphic novel), and Introduction to Eclipse Magic.

Our Policies & Statements ------

Eco Impact statement click this Eco statement link. (https://www.meetup.com/London-Woodland-Witches-Outdoor-Pagans/pages/25196640/Our_Eco_statement/)

Media/ Journalism/ Research policies. click this media policy link (https://www.meetup.com/London-Woodland-Witches-Outdoor-Pagans/pages/21600513/Our_Media_Policy_-_filming_recording_sharing/)

Health & Safety statement. Link to our FULL Health & Safety statement (https://www.meetup.com/London-Woodland-Witches-Pagans-Magicians/pages/25196101/Safety%3A_Disability%2C_Harassments%2C_Drugs)

Children policy : We only allow 18yrs aged or older to attend our Wicca & Witchcraft rituals. Some of our family-friendly socials (such as Earth Day picnic Peace Day Picnic) accommodate children to attend with parents/ Guardians present - if it is specifically stated in event details.

Our website ----


[This update: 22nd January 2021]

Upcoming events (5)

Lammas 2021 Harvest Rite & Aquarius Full moon Gathering

Queen's Wood


Rol up.. roll up roll up.. for this year's Lammas Rite & Aquarius Full moon Gathering. This event is being planned on the first weekend after lockdown fully ends (!) and on the evening of a Full Moon (First of 2 Full moons in Aquarius). Everything calls for some much needed and deserved celebrations, fun and frolics!! This is an open Ceremony & social held in an outdoor woodland setting in Queen's Woods, Highgate, North London.

**We are holding outdoor rituals again subject to ongoing review and keeping to safety guides. Please check any updates on the day before travelling to our events .**

About Lammas & our Ceremony--
Lammas is one of the 8 seasonal festivals celebrated by Pagans. This is harvest time in the fields, where Corn is cut down and other such grain are harvested. In myth/ folklore, the Corn King gives up his life force to the land!

We will symbolically honour the self-sacrifice of the Corn-king - who is said to be cut down by the Goddess, so that his energy may be released back to the Earth. We'll also be invoking the Woodland nature God Pan - lord of Fertility, Free spirit & Sexuality. Following a Pan invocation, we'll get down to some drumming & dancing.. Those interested may come dressed up as Pan, or green man, Green woman.. and join in with drums, chants and dancing.

Fee: £5 - collected at start.

*New* Date---
Saturday 24th July 2021.

*new* Time: -----
5pm to 9pm.

Venue / access-----
Queen's Wood, High Gate.
These events are held in a public Open woods, with rough terrain, and in natural weather conditions. It is NOT always suitable for anyone with health/ physical disability conditions.

Meeting point--------------
Be at Entrance to Queen's woods by 5pm.
Queenswood Rd, Highgate, London N6 5UU.
Google map ref:[masked], [masked].
From corner of Archway Road & Muswell Hill, get to `Wood Lane'. Walk down this road. After 5 minutes this changes to QueensWood Road. On your left is a formal sign/ entrance to Queens woods. Please wait here to be collected. We use different spots in wood and may change specific location on the day!

What to bring: ---
-- You can Wear Ritual masks & cloaks.
-- lanterns (no naked candle flames in woods).
--- Drums, musical instruments & songs to sing.
-- your own blanket/ ground sheet to sit on (or camping chairs).
-- food & drinks for your self.

Good Behaviour --
-- NO drunken behaviour .
-- NO drug use of Any kind allowed at our events.
-- we'll provide bin bags. Please put all rubbish in bins.
-- Please take any uneaten food back home.

Health & Safety-----
-It's early days. So Attendees are advised to maintain personal safety practices, and not respect anyone else who likes to maintain social distance, wearing masks, not sharing food/ drink etc.
- If you feel unwell for any reason, please DO NOT attend.

Bright Blessings
- Mani

General Guidelines-------
1. During ritual, No photography/ video filming allowed . Afterwards, it is fine with permission, and for personal keepsake only. If you post photos to any personal social media, please credit it as `taken at London Woodland Witches meetup event'. We reserve the right to use all posted photos for our own publicity. No interviews!
2. We operate a strict NO DRUGS policy at any time in our events.
3. You are responsible for your own Health & safety.
4. No one under 18 yrs allowed at this event.
5. We are a small team of volunteers. We are NOT equipped to give special support for anyone with health problems/ walking disabilities.

Our Policy statements---->
Full safety/disability/drugs policy-->
Full Eco-statement-->

)O( Woodland Wicca Full Moon Ceremony (Aquarius Blue moon part 2)

Queen's Wood


This is the 2nd consecutive Full moon to fall in the sign of Aquarius! (First one is the full moon in Aquarius on 24th July'21). That makes *THIS ONE* an astrological Blue Moon!! This creates 2 opportunities to work with same stellar energies .. and form a bubble/ portal between the two (much like an Eclipse pair).

So come along to this (part 2 ) of the Aquarius Blue Moon Ceremony- in the Woods ( a change from our usual Thames-side). The quieter woodland setting lends itself to doing deeper magical work. (we'll return to Thames full moon in Autumn).

These rituals are based on Wicca & Witchcraft format.. No prior knowledge or experiences is necessary for you to attend this. Just come with an open mind and join in the ceremony.

Outline of Ceremony (varies) :

-Opening pathworking for personal attunement.
-Sacred space: Consecrations & Circle.
-Calling of Elemental quarters & their qualities
-Chants & energy raising
-Goddess / God calling with invocations & chants.
-Group magical work
-Blessing of food & drinks and sharing
-Closing of circle
-Social in woods (if time permits).

Fee: £5. Please have correct fee ready at start. Thank you.

Date: Sunday 22nd August 2021
Duration : 6pm to 9pm (approx).
Venue: Queen's Woods, HighGate, North London.

Meeting point--------------
Be at Entrance to Queen's woods by 6pm.
Queenswood Rd, Highgate, London N6 5UU.
Google map ref:[masked], [masked].
From corner of Archway Road & Muswell Hill, get to `Wood Lane'. Walk down this road. After 5 minutes this changes to QueensWood Road. On your left is a formal sign/ entrance to Queens woods. Please wait here to be collected. We use different spots in wood and may change specific location on the day!

You are responsible for your safety.
**No children allowed**
** location is not suitable for anyone with walking disabilities**

What to bring:
- Please dress appropriate for weather! (our events go ahead despite rain).
- Please bring food & drinks to share.
-a torchlight essential & Ground sheet (optional).

Bright Blessings
Author Teacher Wiccan High Priest

Sacred Tea Ceremony with Crystals & Singing Bowls (Hampstead Heath)

Hampstead Heath


Join Freya Witch on Hampstead Heath for an experiential sacred herbs tea ceremony!

Herbs have been used since ancient times for medicinal and spiritual purposes. Still remaining sacred to many, including myself.

We will create sacred space, followed by a light meditation. We then pour the tea and as it brews using crystals and singing bowls will cleanse and energise your chakras. We will then slowly sip this infusion allowing a soul enlightening blend of:
Elder Flowers, Rowan Berries, Mugwort and Vervain to do its work.

All of the ingredients are sacred in one way or another to the Goddess, which will be explored more at this event.

We meet at Bistro Laz by Parliament Hill Fields entrance to Hampstead Heath at 11am sharp, walk to our ritual spot and finish by 2pm

Fee £7

--------practical details-----

**NEW** Date: Friday 10th Sept 2021
Time: 11am to 2.00pm.
Venue: Hampstead Heath (park) near Parliament Hill.

Meeting point:
We meet just outside the Bistro Laz restaurant that is on the entrance area to the park. (1-2 Highgate West Hill · London). Once all are gathered, we'll be walking 5-10 minutes into the park/ woods, to our pre-selected quiet place for the actual healing & energising session.

Fee: £7.
Pay by cash on the day.

What to bring:
--This event is held outdoors So please dress accordingly.
--We advise all to bring a blanket to lay down/ cover your self as you are laying on the ground for the relaxation & sound bath experience.

We look forward to seeing you, assist and support your spiritual healing & growth. As always, do contact us privately by messages with any questions/ concerns and for any additional consultations.

Blessings of Love & Light
Freya & Mani

ps. This is an event run by Freya's meetup group `London Higher Healing'. https://www.meetup.com/london-higher-healing

Peace Day 2021 - Full Moon ceremony

Bankside Pier

Founded in 1999 by the British documentary filmmaker and actor Jeremy Gilley, Peace One Day led a successful campaign to pass UN Resolution 55/282 recognizing Peace Day as a day of global ceasefire and non-violence. I accidentally met him in London at an entrepreneur event in October 2012.. and have been marking this day with peace day ceremony!
We'll be doing the same this year in 2021.. and it falls on the day of a Pisces Full moon. So we'll be by our usual spot by river Thames in central London for a PeaceDay Full moon rite.
We hope to also hold an online event on the same day (earlier in the day).
Please rsvp here and stay updated. Thank you

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