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Birth of Goddess Isis: Night of the Cradle Ritual

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Terrace Gardens (Richmond)

Terrace Gardens, Greater London · Richmond

How to find us

We meet at Richmond Train station, and walk to the ritual spot (15mins walk). We are in the subway entrance part to the Terrace Garden (closer to the river). Note: we are NOT in the Terrace Garden.

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Our 3rd annual Celebration of The Night of the Cradle: Birth of Goddess Isis' will take place on the New Moon (In watery sign of Cancer) in July 2015. We gather by the banks of river Thames for a special Ceremony in the mark the Night of the Cradle' where Sky Goddess Nut gave birth to the Egyptian Goddess Isis.

As this is a `Night of the Cradle- Birth of Isis' , we are starting this ceremony later in the evening, so that we may perform the rite after sunset..(night). We'll be using the `cave-like' space by the riverside.. and will fix `stars' on the ceilings .. to recreate a `body of the Sky Goddess Nuit' (mother of Isis).

The ceremony itself is expected to be 30mins ..and then we'll continue socials/ feasting.. (It's a birthday party, after all). :-) So be sure to bring plenty of Wine & cakes.

------------------Ceremony outline-----------------

A decorative altar with Sky Goddess Nut and a concealed statue of Isis will be set up.

Element consecrations (incense, lantern, salt/water).

Isis called by her many names! This will be a chant led by Organisers.

Goddess Isis (statue) is revealed.

Milk & flower Ceremony - all bath statue in milk, followed by offering of flowers. These are then offered to the river Thames.

Food & drinks blessed and shared.

Birthday Party !! (Birthday of Isis).

--------------- What to bring------------------------

Food & drinks to share.

Poetry / Invocations to honour Goddess Isis

Small donation (£) to cover organiser costs

Privacy/Photos :
As it is a public place, passers-by may take photos or watch. That is accepted by the organisers, in the spirit of celebrating the Birthday of Isis :-)

We ask all to be in good public behaviour.

---------------Meeting Details-------------------

New Date: Thursday 16th July 2015 .
Venue & time: Richmond (riverside entrance to Terrace Gardens) NOTE: We are NOT in Terrace Gardens!!.

Meet at Richmond station by 6.30pm and walk with me to the ritual spot (20 mins)..Or follow the google map and arrive at the ritual spot (Terrace Gardens area..but by the river) at 7pm onwards.


From Richmond station, you'll need to walk/ travel along the main road (George street, then Hill street, and finally along Petersham Road...You will arrive by the Terrace Gardens (Richmond). DO NOT go into Terrace Gardens. Go down to the river (path along river). We'll be just by the riverside.

The walk is expected to take about 15-20 mins.

Am not sure about parking.. So please check local info. Only parking I know is the big carpark near Richmond station.... Roadside parkings may be very expensive.

Websites------- ( (

Here is a video of what we did in 2013