Woodland Wicca - Full Moon Ritual & Monthly social (Oct'15)

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These Wicca Full moon Ritual gatherings are ideal for people interested in Wicca & Witchcraft. They provide a sound Introduction to Wicca, Witchcraft & Ritual Magic - for all new comers and beginners, and serious Seekers of The Craft. Consisting of friendly and informal introductions, they then move on to a formal Wiccan Ritual - facilitated by Mani (experienced Wiccan High Priest).

Wiccan Ritual Outline:

-Preparing space & setting up Altar. (done by Ritual Team separately)
-Run-through- Mani will explain outline of Ritual, delegate any roles. Brief Q&A.
-Opening prayers and /or Meditation (chakra or other)
-Consecrations with salt & water, incense, candles
-Casting magic Circle
-Calling elemental quarters
-Energy raising
-Invocations / prayers to Moon Goddess & Horned God
-Magical work
-Cakes & Wine blessing
-Closing & Grounding work
- Feasting, Socialising…

( you can read extensively about each of these aspects of Wicca on our website..where short infor pages with some video training is also available. here is that link: http://www.witchcraftandmagic.uk/html/about_wicca.html

Note. No specific focus will be given to any Gardnerian/ Alexandrian/ Cochrane initiatory traditions. But useful aspects of those may be incorporated. These rituals aim to forge a more natural /primal witchcraft ..with additional aspects like correspondences (colours, oils, planets), arch angel work, both low and high magical aspects, as well as hedgewitchery.

Training & Personal Magical development:

These are training circles. What that means is that introduction & explanations of many aspects of the ritual are given through out, and you'll be given opportunities to take certain minor or major roles in the ritual. Minor roles may be given on the day, but major roles will need preparation and learning beforehand, so will be offered to those attending regularly and training with this group.

Wicca is a `lived in' spiritual / neo pagan path.

If you attend these regularly, you can build up a sound practical experience of all aspects of Wicca & Witchcraft. Remember it is traditional for new Seekers to be trained for a year and a day in Wicca - before undergoing any Coven initiations. On a personal level, You may use that as a sensible yard stick, and aim for a year worth of ritual attendance, study and exploration - to become a self-sufficient Wiccan. Along the way, you will either develop your own magical / psychic skills, or fine tune any existing abilities.

Weather preparations:

These ritual circles take place in public Woodlands or parks. As they are outdoors, at the mercy of elements (sunshine, storms, snow, fog etc).. it can be hard at times to gather motivation to attend, or while attending, keep focus (if you are cold and getting soaked). But remember.. we `real' wiccans & Witches do have to work hard .. take no foolish risks, but must push our own personal / Psychological boundaries.. (gaining Mastery of the Self.. is a step towards gaining mastery over elements, entities and world around us!)

If the weather is `bad', you just have to come prepared.. This is England.. Weather is unpredictable.. If you don't come prepared, you'll soon wise up..!)

By being outdoors in nature regularly in a ritual setting, you'll develop a real magical / psychic attunement & healthy respect to nature's wild energies, as well as an inner confidence, outdoor ritual experience and dare I say.. empowerment and magical competence... on top of learning/ practising Witchcraft & wicca in the natural wild way it is intended.

Travel Details:

Get to Wimbledon station. Come out and find Bus stop `L' (3 mins walk). Take the bus No 93 that goes towards Putney. Get off at stop `S' (Parkside Avenue ). There is a an old Fountain/ monument (Cattle trough) near this bus stop. We'll gather there..and go into the woods.

If you are coming from other direction (from Putney) take Bus 93, and get off at bus stop `S' - (Park Avenue). Cross the road and gather at old Fountain.

What to wear / bring:

***Please dress really appropriate for weather! *** Good water-proof coats, proper boots/ shoes / trainers..that are not going to get soaked in mud/ rain. Gloves, scarf. hats; possibly a bag/ ruck sack to put all your belonging and set aside (on the ground, when doing ritual).

(Don't forget a flask of hot drink, torch light - for the upcoming evening ritual meetings).

-----Travel / Meeting point Details ----

From Wimbledon, take the bus (No 93 ..from stop `L') that goes towards Putney. Get off at stop `S' (Parkside Avenue ). There is a an old Fountain/ monument (Cattle trough) near this bust stop. We will meet at this old Fountain area.

Then, We'll walk into the woods.. Our ritual spot is about 10 mins walk .

Exact google map link to our meeting spot (bus stop `S'):


Bright Blessings

-Mani Navasothy

mob:[masked] (may not be accessible once inside the woods).

Our website (extensive info / articles/ videos & eBooks)

www.WitchcraftAndMagic.Uk (http://www.witchcraftandmagic.uk/)