Hern's Tribe - Autumn Equinox 2016 - woodland Ritual

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Coombe Lane tram stop

Croydon · London

How to find us

Please meet at Coombe Lane tram stop by 4.30pm.

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Join us in the Woods for a Tribal / Shamanic celebration of AUTUMN Equinox.

Hern’s Tribe has been meeting regularly for seasonal festivals, in an outdoor woodland setting for now over 12 years. Inspired by the TV series `Robin of Sherwood’ and stories of the Windsor-Hern myths, we began to build Hern’s Tribe in 2004. Now in our 13th Year, and have undergone many changes..(and continue to do so). HT rituals are eclectic, easy going, shamanic, and full of merriment, social, drumming & chanting, ceremony and magic.

In 2016, HT has started to become more private, however at Equinoxes & Solstices, we are open to all.

Our Open Ritual Styles:
We are are known for reworking fairy tales and stories into modern day tribal ritual dramas! (remember the PFL Yule 2009, with Ghosts of Yule past, present future? And what about the Dragons, Eagle & Wren competing at PFL Autumn Ritual in 2010? The fabulous opening ceremony at Beltane Bash years ago, retelling what really happened at Garden of Eden?!! Going back even further, we also the Medieval Witches Ball (CoA) Imbolc Closing ritual back in 2004, and the `2011 Space Odyssey’ themed Pagan Federation Conference Ritual in 2004 ). Ht also resurrected an old english tradition of `Swearing on the Horns’ at High Gate park, some 3-4 yrs ago. We’ll be doing that again every year.

Eco-Magic: Many of us have come into Pagan & nature worship, through the path of caring for the animals & environment (that was mine!) And while working magic in nature for our own empowerment, it is absolutely essential to keep the focus also on helping the ecology & environment.. by direct action ..as well as eco-magic. With that in mind, we are making Eco-Magic a `regular’ activity in Hern;s Tribe..

Fee (non-HT members): £3


We'll have the usual combination of a seasonal ritual, with sacred shamanic space, some chant & Drumming, and magical work. A ritual fire will be carefully lit for this ceremony, and we'll have home made bread & wine to share..

What to bring:

Food .- Anything from French bread sticks, cheese, humus, butter to pre-cooked chicken, short-eats, fruits, home made items, salads, dips, pasta etc are all fine.
Drinks: Wine is often popular. Mead, beer, soft drinks, hot drinks (coffee & tea) in flasks, soup, even small bottles of water - are appreciated.
Cutlery etc: Plastic cups, paper plates, forks & knives, spare bags (to pack items not eaten), bin bags - we usually bring these. But if you can bring some too - that will be good.
Torch light - Some evening gatherings finish in dark. So a torch light helps to find things when tidying up & packing.
Seating : Folding seats / ground sheet ( for your self to sit on) - optional.
wear sensible outdoor cloths. ps. sometimes we have a ceremonial fire.. and .your cloths are likely to smell of smoke

RITUAL items to bring:

- Your ritual cloths/ robes/ cloaks
- Staff / wands / antlers / tribal masks
- Drums & musical instruments
- Lanterns / candles / lighter
- Crystals / runes / divination tools
-Poetry / invocations (learnt or to read)

More details nearer the time