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Wiccan Path for Beginners: 1-day *FREE* Course (London, outdoors)

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Queen's Woods

Near Highgate Station · London

How to find us

Meet in the patio-garden area of Woodman's Pub by 10.30am. When ready, we'll do a 15min walk to get to woods and begin course.

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One-day outdoor course , suitable for beginners & seekers of Wicca! (Please Read this info fully!!)

As a nature-based religion, the best way to explore Wicca is in a natural setting! Yes at times it's cold or it rains... but we prepare, because that too is part of being a Nature-Witch!

Who is this course for?

This course is to introduce Wicca & Witchcraft to beginners & seekers! I often see so many people stumbling or making some mistakes or are nervous at rituals- so here it is - a full introduction. This is for any and all those interested or curious about Wicca & Witchcraft and like a simple, down to earth, friendly introduction...the whole lot in one day..!

• Please attend with an open mind, and flexibility of time. These are woodland/nature based courses, and a certain amount of organic flexibility is need on everyone's part. We go into the woods to be away from the machinations of urban society, and to attune to the rhythms and energies of nature. Try to relax, ground, centre, earth and be open for the duration of the course, rather than worry about clock-watching or other evening plans. (that stress translates into the course and has in the past been a bit disruptive to the whole group). Allow a bit of time-buffer towards end , just as the tutor allows flexibility for people getting lost in trains, arriving late etc or being nervous at the start/ earlier part. Sometimes making everyone feel at ease at start can take time, but it's a worthy investment that pays off for the smooth-running & flow of the whole workshop/ course. Thanks

***Is it really FREE?***

Yes!! It's 100% free.!!! As a Wiccan High Priest, it is also my calling to teach, train and make Wicca accessible to genuine seekers, and dispel the negativity that media and other ill-doers place on The Craft. Organising Open Wicca circles & seasonal ceremonies is part of that work. And providing this free 1-day course is something I have been intuitively inspired to do, after a bit of full-moon gazing & a tarot reading recently.

*Free* does not mean the course is any less worthy or valuable. (similar course is being run indoors in June for £30!). So please be respectful and take this opportunity that is generously offered*

**Donations welcome**

If you are feeling generous, feel free to offer a small donation to tutor at the end, to cover his travel / material costs (candle, wine, notes, ritual items etc). It means Mani can run more of these types of events in the future. Thanks

Venue/ tube-------------

Course will be held in outdoor woodland setting (Queen's Woods, where usually hold our outdoor Wicca rituals). However to help new comers, we'll meet at nearby Pub (Woodman's) and walk together.

Nearest Tube: HighGate (northern line) - then 1 min walk to the pub.

Time/ Schedule--------------------

• We'll be meeting up at Woodmans' Pub between 10.30am-11am for greeting/ coffee. Then walk together (15 mins) to the woods for the actual Experiential course; Please check train/ bus schedules / strikes/ engineering works and adjust..or be prepared to still arrive on time. Thanks.

• There will be a 1hr lunch break (you can bring packed-lunch or walk to nearby Queen's Woods Cafe (just 3-4 mins walk from our workshop space in the woods).

• Course ends: 4.30pm. Then we'll walk back to Woodman's Pub for drinks/ social and continue any chats..

• There will be short comfort-breaks (find a bush! This is all about nature!)

*** In order to run this course on time so that no one is stressed about it being late, please make sure you arrive on time.. at start and after any breaks. Your cooperation will ensure all have a good experience of this course.***

Course contents-----------------

This is a basic introduction course. Brief explanations will be given as well as demonstration on consecrations, circle casting, calling elements; You'll learn how to properly say/ pronounce wiccan words/items, as well as some work on invocations & God/Goddess charges;

• Intro: Origins of Modern Wicca; Wiccan Law & principles;

• Energy: Connecting to nature; Chakra & Tree meditation;

• Altar & Ritual tools - athame, wands, sword, scourge, pentacle etc

• Sweeping/ purifications; Consecrations with salt & water/ incense; casting magic circle (words/ demo);

• Elements & Quarters; Symbols & qualities of Air/fire/Water/Earth in wicca; pentagrams/ triangles; invocation words (demo); Transpersonal work (4 functions).

• God & Goddess in wicca: Horned Gods- Hern, Pan, Cernunnos; Moon Goddesses - Maiden/ mother/ Crone; what are God/Goddess invocations & charges? who can use the energies? Empowerment; Importance of devocations;

• Magic & Spellcraft in Wicca- healing spell; cord & candle magic;

• Esbats & Sabats- Wheel of the year - related seasonal myths & rituals explained (Imbolc, Spring, Beltane, MidSummer, Lammas, Autumn, Samhain, Yule); Full moon/ new moon rituals;

• Initiations & Coven life - brief outline of degrees, how to approach covens, hierarchy; who is suitable; rejections; non-initiatory covens; Projections & attractions to god/goddess energies; abuse of power (warnings);

What to bring --------------------------

• For your own comfort, please bring any food/drinks lunch (Please avoid eating during course delivery!);

• bring flask of hot drinks.

• ***Bring comfortable cushion/ mat to sit on, as well as a blanket / throw to wrap up ..during meditative work (or if it's just cold).

• Please wear warm coats, socks (those ankle socks are pointless!), scarf..

• We'll have some wine for ceremonial parts of the course & for a bit of social after/

• Strictly no exotic substance/ drugs etc!

• Note books/ pen (printed notes will be provided).

• For the purpose of showing cakes & wine blessing, wine will be provided.

Recording / photography policy------------------

No private recording by phones/ dictaphones.

No photography during course delivery & practise. .

Tutor may take some photos with permission for publicity purpose. Your faces can be blurred on any photos to be used. Let Mani (Tutor) know)


We can not predict weather ..but we can be prepared.

• Please wear plenty of warm clothing (it actually gets cold when you sit down on the ground for long).

• If it's raining much, tutor will bring a tarpaulin sheet cover.. so we don't get wet (too much).

Cancellation : In the case of 5 or less people attending, this course may be cancelled. Check updates 48 hrs before course. **Please only rsvp if you are quite sure you are attending.**

Bright Blessings

-Mani Navasothy
(Gardnerian Wiccan High Priest)