Woodland Witches - Autumn Equinox 2019 Ceremony & World Peace Day Magic

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Queen's Woods

Near Highgate Station · London

How to find us

Fee: £5/£3 (concessions). Please meet at The Woodman's Pub (Archway Road) between 4pm to 4.30pm. A ritual team member will lead all in procession to Woods for our Autumn Eqx ceremony & world Peace day magic.

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Join Woodland Witches & Pagans in the Woods for walking the Labyrinth, and a celebration of AUTUMN Equinox- This is the time of 2nd harvest, and inner preparations for the coming Winter months. It is also World Peace day, and we will be doing magic for world peace. Our open ritual is held in an outdoor park/woods with easy public access..

"This is the time when the wheel turns once more, from summer to winter. A time when the dark equals the light, and the night times begin to increase. Trees begin to shed their leaves in preparation of the coming winter, wildlife collects seeds and stocks up for winter and animal migrations begin. We celebrate the second harvest of the year- the harvest of the fruits. "

Astrology note: In this evening Jupiter-direct culminates a square with retrograding Neptune. Days leading to this may be very challenging. This ritual aims to provide healing and consolidation of energies for all.

Peace Day: 21st September is International Peace Day. We are now combining Peace day magic into this Autumn Eqx gathering.

New Date: Saturday 21st September 2019

Ritual Venue: Queen's Woods .

Fee: £5 ( concessions £3)
*Collected before entering woods. **

Meeting point/Time:

Gather between 4pm to 4.30pm at the Garden area of `Woodman's Pub' (Archway Road). you'll be led by one of our ritual team member, and process with lanterns to the woods.

Walking the Labyrinth & Ritual:

A ground Labyrinth will be ready next to the ritual spot, as before. After consecrations, You will be invited to walk the Labyrinth in a meditative state. At the centre, you may have a moment to contemplate the coming of dark half of the year, eat a few seeds of the Pomegranate (as Persephone did in the myths).

Out ritual Team will conduct key aspects of the ceremony.

Magical Intent:

**From the moment you arrive at sacred space in woods, you are kindly asked to observe stillness and reverence throughout the ceremony. All willing are expected to participate - during which moments, you are asked to be calm and not disruptive of their inner-work. **

Magical Safety:

** Once Circle is cast, we do not allow anyone to enter the sacred space..or leave without an appointed Priest/Priestess opening a doorway in the circle. If you arrive late or must leave at any point, please seek the appointed Priest/Priestess for this. Please do not Crash the circle - as it can cause magical weakness for the whole ritual and let outside energies enter or leak our own built up energy**

RITUAL items to bring:

- Your ritual cloths/ robes/ cloaks
- Staff / wands / antlers / tribal masks
- Drums & musical instruments
- Lanterns / candles / lighter
- Crystals / runes / divination tools
-Poetry / invocations (learnt or to read)

-All Pagans of any spiritual are welcome..
** This event is NOT suitable for children.**

- suggestions--

-Home made/ baked items are exceptionally welcome (Bread, cakes, buns, salads, soup, pre-cooked potatoes).
-Wine & Mead are popular for the pre-ritual social and for feasting & socials afterwards!
- Cheese / butter/ crisps/ dips
-- Water / soft drinks/ tea & coffee in flasks
-vegetarian food/ vegan food
(Basically any items that add towards a sensible feast/ meal).

Bright Blessings
-Mani & Woodland Witches Ritual Team

Policy (brief notes):

1. NO filming/ recording/ photography during Ritual. You may take photos *AFTER* ceremony.
2. NO interviewing/ recording / questioning of other members for research purposes of any kind !!
3. No Drugs of any sort at any time. No drinking during ritual!

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