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London, 17

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Mar 14, 2014


Gardnerian Wiccan High Priest (23 years of initiatory Wicca & coven experience); Published Author, Wiccan Teacher, Events organiser & Eco-Campaigner. Also follows Hindu path, personal shamanic practices and some Egyptian mysteries.

Please give a brief outline of your magical, pagan or ritual experiences (if any)?

Brought up as a Hindu, I have a strong spiritual core. I have been an initiated Wiccan for over 23 years, in several covens in London, UK, and also trained / initiated others. I have been teaching The Craft to beginners in indoor and outdoor courses & workshops for over a decade, and have extensive open ritual and magical experiences and insights to share.

What do you hope to gain by coming to our events?

I believe in magically Empowering people of all spiritual and esoteric paths, with information, guides, expert advise, webinars, open rituals and other available forms of communication tools. I teach and mentor beginners in topics such as Witchcraft spells, ritual magic, facts, history & principles, and feel fulfilled when newcomers embark on a journey of personal empowerment and pagan spirituality.